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Rosewood Awards

Rosewood Recognition Awards

Glass and Rosewood Piano Finish Clock
Rosewood Award with Praying Hands
Rosewood Double Pen Set
Rosewood Double Pen Stand
$69.95 Item# 60035
American Rosewood Plaque with Eagle
Rosewood Eagle Plaque Award
$69.00 Item# 65081
Rosewood High Gloss Perpetual Plaque with Acrylic Engraving Plates
Rosewood Perpetual Plaque - 144 Plates
Rosewood Piano Finish Pen Set with Silver Aluminum Accents
Rosewood Playing Card Set with Dice, Poker Chips
Rosewood Scroll Plaque Award
Rosewood Scroll Plaque Award
$147.75 Item# 68650
Rosewood Scroll Recognition Plaque
Rosewood Star Tower Award
Rosewood Star Tower Award
$70.50 Item# 64981
Gold/Silver Metal Globe on Black Piano Finish Base
Star with Glabled Points Plaque
Star Casting GOldtone Finish on Rosewood Base
Tall Rising Star Trophy Award
$86.95 Item# 60392
Rosewood Apple Clock Award with Base
Rosewood Clock and Pen Stand
Rosewood Clock and Pen Stand
$116.75 Item# 56408
Rosewood Perpetual Plaque w/ Black Plates - 12 Plates
Deluxe Poker Set in Rosewood Box
Floating Rosewood Plaque - 9x12
Gold Star Award on Rosewood Base - 8"

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