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Republican Party Gifts

Gifts for Professionals brings you a great selection of political party gift ideas for both the Republican Party and Democratic Party. Also see our Washington DC Gift Idea selection.

Republican Elephant Glass Oval Paperweight In Stock

$11.20 Item# 63115


For the dedicated republican local official, it is time to give a gift... but the budget is tight. How about assuring you meet that tight budget in the black and give a great gift to the hard-working Republican by giving this attractive Republican Party Glass Oval Paperweight featuring the ever-recognizable and dedicated GOP Republican Elephant Mascot.

Rebulican Elephant Business Card Case In Stock

$15.30 Item# 64331


An elephant card case that is certainly much different than most other elephant card cases. This great Republican Elephant Business Card Case represents the "grand ole party" of elephant loving Republicans who are proud to carry this great red, white and blue elephant through the jungle of politics!

American Flag Republican Pin In Stock

$3.60 Item# 70729

One of our more patriotic Republican Party Gifts is this flag themed lapel pin with the GOP symbol. The pin is polished to a shiny finish and includes a standard clutch back that keeps this pin secure on your lanyard, lapel or hat.

Republican Luggage Tag In Stock

$8.50 Item# 67572


Take this great luggage tag on the road with you! Show your party spirit with this attractive aluminum Republican Luggage tag featuring the GOP Elephant on the front and ample room for an address on the back. Luggage tag measures 1.75" x 3.5" and includes a buckle strap to keep it secure on your luggage.

One of our more affordable Republican Party gifts when you are shopping for a token of appreciation for volunteers.

Republican Elephant Marble Namepalte In Stock

$125.95 Item# 64460


What a marvelous way to congratulate the newly elected GOP representative for your county, city, or country! Made of fine rich black marble, the name bar features a red, white and blue elephant on the right side of the plate next to where the name will be located. One of our newest conservative Republican party gift ideas!

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Republican Elephant Money Clip In Stock

$15.95 Item# 63664


Looking for a great gift idea for the conservative die-hard who bleeds red, white and blue? This money clip is one of our best Republican Party Gifts for Him. It's affordable and it can be personalized. This stainless steel tarnish proof money clip features the grand old party's symbol of a red, white and blue elephant ready to stir the emotions of the candidate and other party faithful!

Men love Engraved Money Clips because they are practical.

Proud to be Republican Lapel Pin In Stock

$3.60 Item# 70727

This Proud to be Republican Lapel Pin can be worn on the campaign trail, at the political campaign headquarters or in the halls of the United States Congress. A colorful pin with red, white, blue and gold.

Lapel Pins

Republican Business Card Holder In Stock

$45.50 Item# 58792

For anyone who wants to congratulate a local GOP official, thank a local government official, or salute a U.S. Congressman, consider this political party gift idea!

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Republican Elephant Necktie In Stock

$25.00 Item# 50214

You are all elephant and this patriotic necktie is sure to show your political pride. Gifts for Professionals knows that if you have a Republican friend, it's time to give him that perfect necktie that will convince him it is time to sign up for the primaries and run for office!

Republican Elephant Mouse Pad In Stock

$6.60 Item# 67489


This elephant is sure to get the job done! A loyal Republican, this great Republican Mouse Pad features the ever recognizable elephant with it's red, white and blue ready to get to work and cut government spending!

The search for conservative Republican gift ideas is over! You've found us and we also offer several Ronald Reagan Gifts to commemorate the 40th president of the United States.

Republican Party Coaster Set of 6 In Stock

$17.95 Item# 66144


Made of leather with a metal Republican elephant in the center, these republican gift coasters measure an overall 3.5" around with the inside metal imprinted plate measuring 2" around. The coasters come in a white box suitable for gift giving.

Republican "R" Flag Pin In Stock

$4.25 Item# 70731

This Republican Party block letter "R" pin features the American Flag design. It is die struck from jeweler's metal, red, white and blue color enamel filled, gold plated and epoxy coated for added durability. Wear proudly to support the Republican party of the United States of America! Attach to your lapel, lanyard, I.D. badge or bag strap for a bold statement.

Republican Elephant Pin In Stock

$3.60 Item# 70733

The Republican Party Symbol with red, white and blue enamel color fill combine with the die struck brass to make one beautiful lapel pin.

Vote Republican Pin In Stock

$3.60 Item# 70732

Donald Trump Bottle Stopper In Stock

$34.60 Item# 68840

Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States against all odds. He battled members of his own party, the democrats, the media and despite nearly all prognostications in early 2016 that he would never be elected, he defied the odds and changed the course of American history. For those Republicans and independents who are happy about his 1st year of accomplishments like his tax cuts and Supreme Court appointment, this celebratory bottle stopper is a great GOP gift idea.

Wine Bottle Stoppers

Rhinestone Republican Elephant Pin In Stock

$21.05 Item# 70730

Elephant Amber Marble Paperweight

$22.45 Item# 57795


Our exclusive design and not available anywhere else! This round amber paperweight is the best of all of our elephant gifts for your office. In addition of being a workplace desk accessory, it's also a beautiful home decor piece.

Many different themes are available in our engraved paperweights department

GOP Elephant Round Marble Box

$24.75 Item# 63153


A luxurious marble desk box for storing paperclips, coins, rubber bands or any small items that clutter the desktop.

Proud Republican Pin

$4.25 Item# 70728

This Vintage looking Proud Republican Lapel Pin is die struck from select jeweler's metal, red, white and blue enamel filled with an antique bronze texture and polished finish.

Ronald Reagan Gifts

The 40th President, Ronald Wilson Reagan, is considered by the GOP to be the greatest Republican president of the 20th century and among the greatest ever to have held the office, perhaps second only to Abraham Lincoln.

Ronald Reagan Bottle Stopper

$32.00 Item# 68843

Drink one for the Gipper! Adults who are old enough to have voted for Ronald Reagan would love to have this fun bottle stopper in their barware collection.

Engraved Barware

"Government is the Problem" - Ronald Reagan Quote Paperweight In Stock

$19.90 Item# 69776

This infamous quote "government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem" was spoken by Ronald W. Reagan in his first inaugural address, moments after he was sworn into office as the 40th President of the United States of America.

Green Marble Horse Paperweight

$27.90 Item# 58717

For fans and supporters of Ronald Reagan, it is well known that he loved horses. This Ronald Reagan quote, perhaps one of his most famous quotes outside of the political arena, clearly stated why he loved to ride horses. The quote: "There is nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse" is captured beautifully on this loved veined marble paperweight sporting a metal silver horse emblem.

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