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Police Officer Mugs

One of the most distinctive occupation gifts offered at Gifts for Professionals are these law enforcement mugs.

Police Badge Thermos In Stock

$53.15 Item# 65921


For detectives who must occasionally go on a stakeout and spend a lot of time in one spot waiting for a suspect, this stainless steel thermos is a handy companion. Unlike our law enforcement mugs, this thermos holds enough for several cups of coffee and the stainless steel material keeps it warm for the duration.

Police Officer Cobalt Blue Mug

$28.80 Item# 65894

Police officer mugs made of ceramic are among the most popular law enforcement gifts, however there is one limitation to choosing a ceramic mug -- it cannot be personalized. But it looks great and makes a great gift idea.

Police Officer Cobalt Blue Mug

$30.75 Item# 65895

A variation of our other cobalt blue law enforcement mug. This one is only different slightly in the emblem where color accents make the pewter badge stand out a bit more.

Police Officer Mug

$28.80 Item# 65892


Glass police officer mugs are ready to be personalized. Engrave it with the name of a new officer who just graduated from the police academy. Engrave it with anything you want!

Police Officer Mug

$30.75 Item# 65893


Our #1 personalized police officer coffee mug holds 13 ounces and may safely be used in your kitchen appliances like the dishwasher for washing and the microwave for heating your coffee. Any of our other glass law enforcement mugs can be engraved too.

Police Officer Travel Mug

$33.95 Item# 61757


Police officer mugs are designed in different ways for different locations. A stainless steel thermal mug like this one is designed so your coffee stays warmer longer than a mug you might use around you house when its easy to get a refill. This one is good for stakeouts or long meetings or anytime you have to be outside on a cold winter day.

Sheriff Gift Mug

$28.80 Item# 67082


The Sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in each county under the Constitution. Duly elected, those who serve as sheriff are the most accountable to the people. They deserve our admiration and respect. Consider granting your sheriff a personalized gift with this 13 ounce coffee cup.

Sheriff Gift Mug Blue

$28.80 Item# 67083

Our largest cup for use at home or the office, this 15 ounce cobalt blue mug features a pewter emblem in the shape of a classic sheriff's badge. Sheriff mugs make ideal gifts not just for the duly elected sheriff or deputy, but for any of the civilian workers employed by the sheriff's department.

Sheriff Gift Mug Red

$28.80 Item# 67084

This bright red sheriff mug is safe for use in dishwashers and microwaves.

White Police Officer Mug

$30.75 Item# 65896

15 ounce white policeman mug with pewter badge and enamel blue highlights.

White Police Officer Mug

$28.80 Item# 65897

A variety of law enforcement mugs are offered and mugs like this one that feature a badge emblem are most popular with cops. This 15 ounce ceramic coffee mug is decorated with a fine pewter casting. It is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Police Gun Mug

$13.15 Item# 61315

What a fun gift for the gun enthusiast or as a special police officer gift idea that is both affordable and a conversation piece! This attractive pistol packing mug features a gun as a mug! Isn't this one of the funniest gifts to give anyone in law enforcement? This mug features a silver tone outside and the handle in on one side and the barrel of the gun is on the other side.

Police Officer's Handcuff Mug

$10.00 Item# 69101

Mugs & More!

Our lineup of cop coffee mugs is just the beginning of our police officer gifts. We've also got personalized keychains, desk accessories, awards and many other special items for your consideration.

Also in our collection of more specialty theme mugs including Sports Coffee Mugs.

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