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Police Officer Gifts

A professional doesn't necessarily work behind a desk or have meetings in the board room all day. Many of America's great professionals are law enforcement officers on the front lines of our communities. Consider these great gift ideas for the police officer and don't forget to view our fire fighter gift ideas, teacher gift ideas and nurse gift ideas too!

Police Officer Gifts of Faith

Police Officer Gifts of Faith

Christian Police Gifts for the officer who prays for protection for their community, their fellow officers and themselves. While the Police Chief may be in charge of the officer's career, those who are wearing blue and believe in the Christian way of life will love it when you give them a Christmas gift that acknowledges their faith.

Police Officer Graduation Gifts

Police Officer Graduation Gifts

Super law enforcement graduation gifts.

Police Officer Home Decor

Police Officer Home Decor

Ceiling fan pulls, Christmas ornaments, decanters, ice buckets, storage jars, and wind chimes are ready to be apprehended!

Police Officer Keychains

Police Officer Keychains

Consider keychains for law enforcement graduation gifts. Ready to be engraved with the name of the graduating cadet who will soon leave the academy and become a full-fledged police officer, these keychains are a cost-effective way to show your pride for the soon to be police officer.

Police Officer Mugs

Police Officer Mugs

Glass and ceramic coffee mugs and travel mugs decorated with everything from a badge emblem to being shaped into a handgun.

Police Officer Trophies

Police Officer Trophies

Employee recognition showcases employees in the corporate world and its even more important for a community servant like a police officer. For the corporate employee, hard work and dedication leads to monetary success with little risk. For police officers, there is risk to serving the distinction and Gifts for Professionals is proud to recognize all officers in every department.

Figurines, standing desk plaques, and wall plaques lead the way into our awards and trophies for law enforcement.

SWAT Team Gifts

Police Officers Save Lives Coaster In Stock

$7.95 Item# 69441

Police Badge Black Round Paperweight In Stock

$14.75 Item# 63381


This stunning Police Badge Paperweight is made of round black marble and features your choice of either a silver badge or a gold badge.

Police Officer Marble Nameplate In Stock

$125.95 Item# 63658


This 10" black marble nameplate is made of the finest veined marble and has a badge in either silver or gold on the nameplate to assure everyone knows who is on duty!

Personalized Nameplates

Police Officer Badge Card Case In Stock

$16.40 Item# 63364


Whether you are a gold badge carrying officer in the police department or one of the fine silver badge carrying officers who patrol the city, this great business card case has you covered! This police officer gift features a generic badge with the words "Police Officer" in the center and the ever-reconizable motto "To protect and serve" at the top.

Policeman's Prayer Business Card Case In Stock

$11.25 Item# 63029


Every day officers strive to protect and serve and while they are doing their duty, their friends, family and loved ones often worry about them. That's why this police officer gift featuring a prayer of protection is excellent for the Christian officer. Congratulate the newly promoted officer with a significant token of your friendship.

Thin Blue Line USA Crossed Flag Pin In Stock

$3.70 Item# 70615

Here's a reasonably priced Thin Blue Line gift idea for your local police officers. Inexpensive enough to buy 1 or 100 for the brave men and women protecting your community.

Lapel Pins

St Michael Protect Us Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.30 Item# 69860

Police Badge White Round Paperweight In Stock

$18.85 Item# 63380


Keep that important police work handy on your desk and free from getting blown around the precinct with this Police Officer Paperweight by Gifts for Professionals.

This round white marble paperweight features either a silver badge or a gold badge atop the paperweight. The badge offers stunning detail including "Police Officer" with a star in the middle and the ever-recognizable slogan "To protect and serve" at the top. A badge number also is at the bottom.

More personalized paperweights

K9 Police Dog Collector Coin In Stock

$11.95 Item# 71308

American Flag Thin Blue Line Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.50 Item# 70102

Thin Blue Line Straight Flag Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.05 Item# 70129

Police Officer's Prayer Plaque In Stock

$34.95 Item# 69923


Police and American Flag Pin In Stock

$4.25 Item# 70635

Law Enforcement Stein In Stock

$34.60 Item# 61755


One of our best selling police officer gifts, this 15 ounce glass stein features a pewter badge emblem.

Police Officer Badge Flask In Stock

$39.05 Item# 61756


When officers are "off-duty," they need to relax. After all, they have one of the most stressful and dangerous jobs in the world. As one of our occupation theme engraved flasks, we think they will love receiving this as a gift. Most of our personalized gifts only have room for a name. But this flask has enough room for three line of engraving!

Police Officer Badge Frame In Stock

$17.80 Item# 52811


Made of a marblized granite, this beautiful frame features a police badge on the right and a circle frame space on the left hand side for your favorite officer's photograph.

Frames have been selected as appropriate police officer gifts for the men and women in blue who work at headquarters!

Law Enforcement Police Officer Clock Gift In Stock

$51.60 Item# 29165


It's time to reward the police officer, congratulate the new cadet, or thank the retiring seasoned cop on the beat with this desk accessory. A police gift that is truly arresting and sure to be appreciated by any officer wearing a badge! If you're making a list of police officer gifts to consider for a future occasion, this miniature clock should be one of your top choices!

Police Shield Badge Lapel Pin

$3.95 Item# 67575

A classic in the making, this Police Shield Lapel Pin features the standard eagle at the top and includes the words "Police Officer" at the top and "to Protect and Serve" at the bottom.

More Lapel Pins for other professions.

Police Badge Round Marble Box

$26.05 Item# 63152


Desk accessories are appreciated by those law enforcement officers who've worked their way up the ranks and are now spending more of their time at the precinct. This Black Round Marble Box features a Gold Badge and can be an attractive way to store small accessories such as loose change or even items like paperclips and rubber bands.

Police Officer Coaster

$20.90 Item# 65077

Do you know a newly promoted officer and want to give a great gift idea for his or her home or office? What about this great Police Officer Coaster ready to hold that coffee cup or after hours drink?

Made of brass with a leather insert, the center features a medal that has the words "Police Officer" then an eagle and a star inside a crest that features red, white and blue and then the words "To protect and serve" under the shield with the eagle. With a gold background and colors featuring patriotic red, white and blue, it is clear the police officer is a special member of law enforcement.

Police Officer Bottle Openers & Stoppers

When the Police Officer isn't out defending fellow citizens from crime and making our streets safer, hopefully they are chilling at home and relaxing. One way they might do this is to use some of these Police Officer Barware Items while having drinks with friends at home.

Police Officer Bottle Stopper

$32.00 Item# 61758

Fine pewter casting in the shape of a police officer mounted on a synthetic cork that is designed to last! Also included is a chain to hang around the neck of the bottle. This is one of those police officer gifts good for the person who hosts social gatherings!

Police Officer Bottle Opener

$17.95 Item# 65913


If you're tasked with shopping for police officer gifts for the entire precinct or squad, then budget considerations are your top priority. This inexpensive badge-branded bottle opener is able to be engraved and therefore an excellent Christmas gift idea.

Police Theme Wine Bottle Stopper

$26.05 Item# 52014


From our collection of wine bottle stoppers comes this excellent bottle stopper with police theme charm.

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