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Plumber Gifts

Never again will it be difficult to find a way to recognize the hard working plumber when you have these plumber gift ideas. These fun-loving desk accessories feature faucets, toilets and other tools of the trade.

Silver Toilet Key Ring In Stock

$7.50 Item# 62058


When you are planning on purchasing plumber gift ideas for multiple people and want to keep the budget from going down the drain, consider personalized keychains like this toilet shaped keychain. It would be a waste (pardon the pun) not to consider this for trade show giveaways or a staff Christmas gift.

Last Place "In the John" Toilet Gag Gift Award In Stock

$25.40 Item# 60825


Imagine, all that hard work your team does going down the drain because of an unexpected hitch... imagine, that buddy's scores at a sport being so bad, you tell him they "are in the @#!*@. (bleep)"!

Why not consider this fun last place gag gift award idea when you want to "wipe" that smile off someone's face or simply add a smile to everyone's face with this humorous last place award.

Another toilet shape plumber gift idea!

Plumber Necktie Gift

$25.50 Item# 62137

This black necktie features a wrench, a dripping faucet and a part of the drain pipe that plumbers are accustomed to replacing. A plumber gift idea exclusively for him!

Colorful Toilet with Plunger Desk Accessory

$14.25 Item# 64730

Looking for a way to decorate the front desk at your plumbing company? Available in bright blue, lime green and vivid orange, this fun Catch-All Desk Accessory features a toilet with a plunger in it to keep paperclips while the back part holds pens and pencils or even business cards. If you're searching for humorous plumber gifts, you'll find them here!

Plumber's Sink Paper Clip Holder

$13.00 Item# 48205


These "drip clips" are a fun plumber gift idea. These blue paperclips rest in a sink-shaped holder that remind everyone who keeps the water flowing! Maybe Drip Clips will finally help contain that flow of paperwork at the plumbing company office.

Bath Tub Miniature Clock on Base

$37.50 Item# 64732


This miniature clock is a timepiece like no other you've ever seen! While it isn't restricted to being just a plumber gift idea, it certainly makes an outstanding one. But we can also see this being given to a building contractor or to a discriminating female who loves spending long hours in a hot bath soaking the stress away!

Plumber Toilet Coffee Mug

$13.70 Item# 61319

This funny toilet-shaped coffee mug is one of the more original plumber gift ideas you'll find anywhere! If you know a plumber who needs a lift in the morning then this mug will help "flush" the blues away and give that hard-working plumber a big smile to start the day.

Toilet Miniature Clock and Storage Container

$37.95 Item# 64731


Of course time is money in any profession and the plumber has to carefully watch his time to assure it does not go down the drain! This fun desktop miniature clock is one of the perfect plumber gifts we offer in our toolbox (er, catalog). The lid closes to look just like a toilet and opens to show the clock along with room for putting a few odds and ends down the tubes!

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