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Engraved Plaques

When you are shopping for Awards and Recognition Gift Ideas... your search will eventually lead to Plaques! There are so many... from Employee of the Month Plaques to Perpetual Plaques! Choose from our wall plaque, wood plaque, glass plaque and crystal plaque collection for employee recognition. And see more of our awards and recognition gifts.
Black Plaques
Black Plaques
Black wood and black marble make an intriguing an unusual recognition plaque that will stand out from all the others!
Freestanding Plaques
Freestanding Plaques
Plaques aren't just for hanging on the wall. Now you can feature employee recognition on a bookshelf or desk too!
Gavel Plaques
Gavel Plaques
A way to recall the accomplishments of lawyers, judges, and association presidents.
Military Plaques
Military Plaques
The perfect officer promotion ceremony award is one of our outstanding personalized plaques.
Perpetual Photo Plaques
Perpetual Photo Plaques
Photo plaques let you remember monthly achievement and offer the added benefit of a photograph for the current and most recent winner.
Perpetual Plaques
Perpetual Plaques
Perpetual Plaques allow you to show multiple contest and award winners over time ranging from 1 year to 12 years.
Rock Solid Plaques
Rock Solid Plaques
For the rock solid performers at your business, this plaque series is available in two sizes.
Rosewood Plaques
Rosewood Plaques
When you desire the polished look of rosewood....
Star Plaques
Star Plaques
The star players on your team are motivators and role models for those who've yet to reach their full potential. Be proud of their achievement with star plaques.
Quarterly Award Plaque
Gold Shovel Commemorative Recognition Plaque
Matte Black Clock Plaque - blk clock face QC6-5.00
Matte Black Clock Plaque
$63.00 Item# 68657
Walnut Finish Clock Plaque
Walnut Finish Clock Plaque
$99.75 Item# 68658
Walnut Scroll Plaque Award
Walnut Scroll Plaque Award
$99.00 Item# 68651
Walnut Scroll Recognition Plaque
Walnut Frame Metal Casting with Black Velour

Your Logo on Any Award Plaque

Imagine your logo on any of our award plaques! All you need is to prepare your logo file as an Adobe Illustrator file and make sure it is Black & White Vector so we can easily rescale it to fit the award without losing any integrity of the logo!

Star Plaques

Do you have one employee who shines above all the rest? You might consider someone like this to be a "Star Employee." At Gifts for Professionals, we have a number of Star Awards and Star Paperweights to give recognition to your brightest talent. Now, we introduce our Star Recognition Plaques as our newest way to showcase your appreciation and gratitude for an amazing work effort.

Globe Plaques

Engraved plaques with a globe are for showing a "World of Appreciation" or for companies that have branches and divisions on more than one continent. When your company has a global vision for success you should recognize your best talent with our Engraved Globe Plaques or other Employee Recognition Awards.

Patriotic Plaques

These award plaques feature the Eagle -- the iconic symbol of America -- or the American Flag. Reward anyone who shows the ideals of our great country with one of these engraved award plaques. Ideal for defense contractors, any government workers or any security consulting firm.

Plaques for Construction & Design

Award plaques for construction industry, engineering firms, architects and anyone who contributes to the building of a new residential project or commercial building. Whether they drafted the original building concept or drove the first nail, these Engraved Award Plaques for construction & design will show your unending appreciation.

Plaques for Fire & Rescue

Engraved award plaques for Firefighters, EMS techs and anyone who's dedicated to saving the life of their fellow citizens. Recognize your best employees once a month, once a quarter or once a year!

Engraving Options for Perpetual Plaques

Perpetual plaques for employee recognition is very common in medium to large businesses. Motivating employees to achieve certain goals and make there quotas keep everyone focused on the company mission. Every employee loves to see their name in the lobby.

When you purchase one of our perpetual plaques, we can do the engraving for you each month and mail you each plate, as we engrave them or you can receive all blank plates and have them engraved locally each month or as frequently as your employee recognition program requires them.

Plaques for Lawyers & Judges

Recognition plaques for lawyers, magistrates, judges and anyone who works at a law firm or court house. These engraved plaques generally feature a gavel, Lady Justice or Scales of Justice emblem.

Perpetual Plaques for Monthly Recognition

Ongoing recognition for sales achievement, attendance or any other metric you setup in your employee recognition program is showcases in your front lobby with our Perpetual Plaques. Also, review our Employee of the Month Awards for other recognition ideas.

Photo Plaques

Many of our perpetual plaques (but not all) have a center holder for a photograph. It's a way to change the employee photo each month (or year) to feature the most recent winner of your recognition contest. We have plaques that hold different size photographs including 3.5x5 and 4x6.

Plaques for Education

See our engraved plaques for teachers and other school employees. Showcase the "Teacher of the Year" or any other recognition contest you have among teachers and other school employees.

Plaques for the Military

Engraved plaques for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps. Give recognition to a team, division of individual solider!

Cherry Finish Perpetual Plaques

The preference of a Cherry Finish for perpetual plaque awards gives you the dark look of wood without the high glass of the rosewood awards we offer. When you want a darker color wood plaque without high gloss or sheen, then Cherry Plaques may be the way to go!

Rosewood Finish Perpetuals Plaques

Rosewood Perpetual Plaques are the most elegant. The may only be matched in their appearance by our high gloss black perpetual plaques. These Rosewood Recognition Awards are an excellent choice to promote the "Employee of the Month" or any ongoing award program.

Walnut Finish Perpetual Plaques

Walnut Plaques provide a darker finish than oak but are lighter than either a cherry or rosewood finish. These perpetual plaques are just as ideal as the others but the color preference is offered so you can best match the interior of your business.

Eagle Perpetual Plaque - 12 Plates

$155.20 Item# 60404


A great idea for the government agency and popular among those who work underneath the American Eagle and all it represents, this American Eagle In Flight Employee of the Month Perpetual Plaque offers twelve plates with six black plates on either side of a larger plate in the middle with the eagle in flight above. The plate in the middle offers plenty of space to add that company logo (additional charge applies) as well as define the award and the year these dedicated employees enjoyed their success. The American walnut curved edges offer a little more modern twist on this traditional award.

Find more 12 Plate Perpetual Plaques.

Glass Plaques

Most people know Award Plaques to be made from wood ranging from American Walnut to Rosewood. But Gifts for Professionals encourages you to consider Glass Plaques during your search for employee recognition awards.

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