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Leather Briefcases

Personalized Leather Briefcase

Our leather briefcase collection gives you the same luxury and styling that you've come to love, in a much wider range of leather briefcase choices. This year's styles include expandable leather briefcases, leather laptop organizers, leather carrying cases and more.
Distressed Leather Briefcases
Distressed Leather Briefcases
The attention to detail our designers have focused on these distressed leather briefcases have made them works of art!
Leather Attache Cases
Leather Attache Cases
The leather attache case for men is the classic briefcase of the 20th century and its still a popular choice in the new millennium.
Leather Underarm Portfolios
Leather Underarm Portfolios
The Underarm Leather Portfolio Briefcase is slim and a minimalist way of carrying your business papers.
Women's Leather Briefcases
Women's Leather Briefcases
Women's leather briefcases are designed for the 21st century woman who needs a stylish case with lots of accessories.
Harness Cowhide Leather Slim Briefcase
Pearson - Leather Expandable Double Compartment Briefcase
Hubbard - Leather Double Compartment Laptop Case
River North - Leather Triple Compartment Briefcase
West Loop - Leather Expandable Double Compartment Briefcase
Full Grain Leather Computer Messenger
Men's Day Bag
Men's Leather Day Bag
$190.40 Item# 57216
Mobile Executive Leather Briefcase / Organizer
The Gladstone
Canvas and Leather Trim Messanger Bag
Harness Cowhide Leather Brief with Accordion File
Harness Cowhide Leather Flap-over Laptop Briefcase
Harness Cowhide Leather Light Weight Brief
Computer Messenger
Computer Briefcase
Harness Cowhide Leather Slim Brief
The Sawyer
Harness Cowhide Leather Slim Messenger Bag
Slimline Leather Messenger Bag
$243.05 Item# 55463
Chicago - Leather 17" Detachable-Wheeled Laptop Overnight w/ Removable Briefcase
Flap Over Twist Lock Leather Briefcase

The Classic Leather Brief: The Attaché Case

The attaché case is the classic men's briefcase of the 20th century and it is still quite popular today. One of the benefits of this leather briefcase is the sturdy sides provide ample protect for you contents, unlike softer cases that are more prone to stresses from external objects. See all of our attaché cases to find the perfect men's briefcase.

Explore our Genuine Full Grain Distressed Leather Briefcases

Recently, the Gifts for Professionals Leather Collection was expanded to include a new, trendy "Distressed" leather line of primarily briefcases, but also messenger bags and laptop cases.

Traveling Executives Love Leather Cases with Wheels!

Traveling across the country is harder than ever with more crowded airports and longer security screening lines. Therefore, when traveling with your leather briefcase, it's "wheels up" for business leaders who want to be stylish with the most luxurious briefcase but also need the easiest times moving from one location to another. See all of our wheeled leather briefcases and travel accessories to make your journey easier!

Women's Leather Briefcase Collection - More Stylish & Colorful Designs for the Professional Woman

Gifts for Professionals salutes the professional women of the new millennium. For the women's leather briefcase that says both "professional" and "stylish," see our latest offerings. Women's cases typically have more storage compartments and are usually available in a wider array of colors including bright primary colors such as green.

Leather Briefcase for the Distinguished Gentleman

A businessman dressed in a suit and carrying a luxurious leather briefcase can achieve success when he represents a company with a superior product or service. When presenting to prospective clients, ever attention to detail must be considered including your presentation and your personal appearance. Business accessories including your leather briefcase will help make the impression you and your company are a success. Gifts for Professionals recommends these Leather Briefcases for Men.

Leather Briefcases with Laptop Compartments

A leather briefcase with enough room or a dedicated interior compartment for your laptop! When client presentations require you take along your personal laptop computer you'll want a leather briefcase classy enough to make the right impression and large enough to accommodate your computer.

More Bags & Briefcases

Consider having the leather briefcase of your choice personalized with your name or initials. Also see our line of other bags and cases to find the best tote bag, messenger bag or backpack.

Briefcases for Men

Did you know most men prefer a Black Leather Briefcase? Our customer service team has been helping customers select the best case for guys for more than a decade. Read their Men's Briefcase Shopping Tips for some good advice.

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