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Pentagon Gifts

Our Pentagon Gifts are the best you will find. Unique challenge coins, glassware and mugs and office decorative accessories are all for your inspection!

Pentagon Shot Glass

$14.75 Item# 66328


Let all the officers toast the new commanding officer with these 1.5 ounce shot glasses branded with a Pentagon emblem. If you're looking for inexpensive Pentagon gifts, this shot glass design is a great choice. Made in USA.

Pentagon Capitol Decanter

$85.80 Item# 66211


This 24 ounce Pentagon embellished glass decanter is worthy of any four star general, admiral or member of the Join Chiefs of Staff currently serving at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

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Pentagon Clear Coffee Mug

$30.75 Item# 66212


Whether your have employees working at your small family owned business or whether you have employees working under your command at The Pentagon, personalized coffee mugs are always great gift ideas. This one is for you to consider as an employee gift if you are employed at the Pentagon. It is a 13 ounce glass coffee mug decorated with a pewter casting. It is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Pentagon Double Old Fashioned Glass

$27.55 Item# 66213


The greatest battle plans in history go out the window the moment the fighting begins. If you are part of the team who's been involved in planning offensive operations for our military and the mission has been successful, then you'll want these Pentagon branded double old fashioned glasses with you in the situation one to celebrate once victory is assured! This 14 ounce double old fashioned glass is the ultimate vessel for your favorite beverage and its a great Pentagon gift for anyone working at the Defense Department -- whether civilian or military.

Pentagon Flask

$39.05 Item# 66330


Though you didn't expect to find this flask among our Pentagon gifts, we know you are glad we've included it as one of our more unique offerings. Holds 8 ounces.

Pentagon Glass Stein

$33.30 Item# 66327


Personalized glassware is among the best employee recognition awards. We've got this 15 ounce glass stein ready to be engraved for your Pentagon employees.

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Pentagon Travel Mug

$33.95 Item# 66326


When you have a mission briefing in the field, this double wall stainless steel travel mug (insulated inside and out) is the perfect companion, especially if you must be outside during inclement weather. There are lots of Pentagon gifts, but only a few for coffee lovers on the go!

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