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Novelty Pens

Novelty Pens

Novelty Pens from Gifts for Professionals go beyond writing! They are functional in unique ways or perhaps they are humorous "theme pens" that the office will enjoy seeing at the next staff meeting.
Fun Match Pencil
Fun Match Pencil
$3.50 Item# 56836
Assorted Fish Pens
Assorted Fish Pens
$2.80 Item# 69150
Judge's Gavel Pen
Dog Pen
Hot Dog, It's A Dog Pen
$5.00 Item# 64318
Race Car Pen
Race Car Pen
$5.55 Item# 62063
Pea Pod Pen
Peas in A Pod Novelty Pen
$6.75 Item# 62077
Chili Pen
Assorted Chili Pens
$6.30 Item# 57817
Apple Pen
Fun Novelty Apple Pen
$6.25 Item# 57819
Carrot Pen
Bright Orange Carrot Pen
$7.05 Item# 62078
Dog Bone Pen
Dog Bone Pen
$6.85 Item# 57822
White Quartz with Crystals Pen
White Quartz Crystal Pen
$21.50 Item# 56412
Wine Bottle Pen
Wine Bottle Writing Pen
$5.85 Item# 63376
Fruit Pen
Assorted Fruit Pens
$6.50 Item# 57820
Sports Novelty Pens
Sports Novelty Pens
$5.40 Item# 63377
Banana Fruit Pen
Flower Pen

About Our Novelty Pens

These Novelty Pens are ready to be Logoed to promote your business. Certain novelty pens are designed in the shape of food, flowers and other objects that may directly tie into your business and its products or services. Promoting your business with a logoed pen is one of the time tested ways of getting the word out about what you offer. Promotion is key to growing your business and these Novelty Pens may be just the thing to jump start new sales!

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