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Novelty Desk Accessories

If you're searching for really cool desk accessories, we think these novelty items and fun desk toys will be just what you are looking for to put a quirky spin on office decor.

Bone Shaped Ballpoint Pen In Stock

$6.60 Item# 40094

Novelty Desk Accessories can be anything on your desk that makes people laugh when they enter your office. Here's a very subtle idea in the form of a working writing instrument. It's an actual ballpoint pen shaped like a bone. A great gift idea for a chiropractor.

Chiropractor Gifts

Frog Tape Dispenser In Stock

$18.95 Item# 44258


One of our best selling Novelty Desk Accessories, this funny frog shaped tape dispenser has caused laughter in many Manhattan skyscrapers. Find more Frog Themed Gift Ideas.

Duck Tape Dispenser In Stock

$15.00 Item# 64600

This rubber duckie might not be made of rubber but he is made out of love and a desire to brighten up the office place! This fun yellow duck is actually a Duck Tape Dispenser and makes a perfect gift idea for anyone who collects cherished rubber duckie yellow duck toys and novelties.

This is an actual tape dispenser and is sure to brighten up the day of anyone who visits your desk. A great gift idea for the serious co-worker or even a silly gag gift for the big boss who is about as far away from rubber duckie toys as a grown up could be!

Come on, capture the kid in you with a fun bright yellow duck tape dispenser made to order and sure to "quack" you up!

Airplane Tape Dispenser

$22.80 Item# 59849


The Airline Industry could use some Novelty Desk Accessories. After all, there is a lot of stress in making sure planes are safe, passengers are satisfied and flights arrive on time. Lighten the load with this fun tape dispenser for the airline check-in desk!

Colorful Toilet with Plunger Desk Accessory

$14.25 Item# 64730

Originally part of our occupation themed Plumber Gifts, we found this was getting ordered by all types of people looking for Novelty Desk Accessories. So, we've added this colorful toilet pen stand to this funny collection.

Saw Letter Opener

$15.65 Item# 61284


A very unique letter opener for the contractor, builder, architect or anyone who loves funny desk accessories!

Plumber's Sink Paper Clip Holder

$13.00 Item# 48205


These "drip clips" are a fun plumber gift idea. These blue paperclips rest in a sink-shaped holder that remind everyone who keeps the water flowing! Maybe Drip Clips will finally help contain that flow of paperwork at the plumbing company office.

High Heel Tape Dispenser

$27.60 Item# 67486

It's not easy to stand in high heels all day. But it is easy to put your roll of tape into this funny high heel themed desk accessory for women. Girls gotta have fun too, even at the office. This is our flagship gift for her in our Novelty Desk Accessories!

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