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Novelty Awards

Wooden Spoon Cook-off Chef Award

$29.45 Item# 69962


These spoons aren't for disciplining bad kids from the 1960s, they are for awarding good chefs in the 21st century! What a fun novelty award for the chef who keeps the pot stirred, or the gossip who keeps that pot stirred even more!

Whatever your reasons for loving this great Wooden Spoons Award, Gifts for Professionals couldn't agree with you more! Originally intended as a chef graduation gift or award, we have found our customers have lots of fun uses and gag awards for this fun set of spoons! 'They look just like the ones Mom used to use on me," said one customer... so they got them as a joke for their mother!

Our customers keep us honest... and always laughing! Consider this great chef award... or fun gag gift's simply up to you!

Build a Better Mouse Trap Novelty Award

$25.80 Item# 69952


It's time to get the creative juices flowing among your most talented staff. That's why this fun award offers the incentive that you need. Take a closer look at our great Novelty Award featuring a mouse trap, cheese and that (ouch!) spring that gets the mouse. We call this award the Build a Better Mouse Trap Award for those in your organization who can think outside the box and make new discovers. What a great award to give those who come up with new ideas, better ideas, and ways to save money, We also have another great one called Reinventing the Wheel for those same kinds of employees. Come on, build a better mousetrap... while you take a look at this fun way to award those who actually do it! Measures 5.5" H with a 3" W x .75" H gold plate ready to be added to the bottom and engraved with that achiever's name.

Reinventing the Wheel Novelty Award

$25.80 Item# 69953


For those who are creative and always ready to come up with a new solution, this award is specifically designed with you in mind! It's time to "Reinvent the Wheel" and find a better solution, an easier way of doing things, an idea that saves your company or organization or sales team a few dollars.

This attractive novelty award, called the Reinventing the Wheel Award is a fun way to award someone (affordably too!) for coming up with a great idea... like when the wheel was invented!

Measuring 5" H, it is a great conversation piece and makes a wonderful sales team award, motivational award or simply a unique way to say thanks to the person who always has the ideas!

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