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Novelty Awards

Silver Vintage Microphone In Stock

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A Brighter Idea Light Bulb Award

$29.45 Item# 69956


This cute lightbulb novelty gift award features a scroll base in gold with a traditional lightbulb on the top. The Lightbulb Award is also known as the Bright Idea Award and is the perfect novelty gift idea that is both affordable and a fun gift for anyone who loves giving fun and humorous gifts to the hard working team. A part of our great line of novelty awards, Gifts for Professionals has a fun line that have the hard working office team laughing as one receives a bomb, another a wheel, and another a mouse trap! Browse among our line of novelty awards and make the entire crew feel appreciated and honored!

A Short Fuse Novelty Awad

$29.45 Item# 69955


Whether you call this the Ticking Time Bomb Award or the Short Fuse Award this fun novelty award is sure to get a laugh out of everyone who has ever witnessed that -- let's just say -- less than patient co-worker who just can't stand mistakes, distractions, or incomplete work! Perhaps it's your boss who just shakes his head and walks away from the fuss... perhaps it is a volunteer who likes to boss everyone around. This adorable novelty bomb is sure to explode in popularity so grab yours today!

Cooking Competition Chef Award

$29.45 Item# 69961


If your non-profit organization is hosting its own version of a cooking competition or you know of a culinary school hosting a chef competition, consider this handsome Cooking Competition Chef Award as a fun novelty award sure to please the winner of this yummy competition!

Featuring a white chef's hat along with a cooking fork and chopping knife, this award is atop a black base that can easily have a silver plate added to it to stand out with the award winning message!

Doctor's Bag Award

$29.45 Item# 69977

Lucky Horseshoe Award

$29.45 Item# 69967


Mountain of Money Dollar Sign Award

$29.45 Item# 69963

It's a mountain of money that makes an amazing and eye-catching novelty gift award for the banker who has everything! Or how about the treasurer of your non-profit group or volunteer organization who keeps your dollars making sense (and cents)!

Consider this fun Dollar Sign Mountain of Money Novelty Award ready to start the conversation and end the discussion as to who is the real moneybags in the group!

A great gag gift award, fun novelty award or a seriously attractive banker award, this pile of money is about to get to work for your award giving needs!

Office Techie Award

$29.45 Item# 69969


Rocketing Sales Award

$29.45 Item# 69964


A fun novelty sales award when your sales representatives sales are out of this world... in a galaxy far, far away and headed farther! A great and fun way to award your Sales Professional of the Month with this colorful Rocketing Sales Award when you have a professional who gets the job done! Make this an award that can be passed around for fun or simply, at the affordable price, use it as a monthly or quarterly incentive award! Sales professionals deserve a little pat on the back... why not do it in fun and colorful style! Rocketing sales... coming to a universe near you!

When Pigs Fly Novelty Award

$29.45 Item# 69957


It's not just a Southern expression anymore... most everyone has heard of "when pigs fly..." usually preceded by something like... "He will make his sale quota, when pigs fly." What a fun novelty award for the achievement you don't think is every going to happen from your staff such as meeting their goals, achieving their quotas, coming in last place... again! Whatever fun way you want to rib the staff and enjoy an adorable novelty award, this is the award for you! Take a closer look at Gifts for Professionals special When Pigs Fly Novelty Award ready to make your audience laugh!

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