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Note Jotters

Personalized Note Jotters

Business professionals love to keep a note jotter handy as a desk accessory or auto travel accessory to write down important phone numbers and reminders. Our note jotters are available in a variety of sizes and we're proud to offer the most luxurious leather note jotters for professionals who must present the perfect corporate image!
Jotter Refill Cards - 3" x 5" Pak of 50 Things to Do Cards
Mini Mechnical Pencil - Jotter Refill Pencil
Aspire Business Pocket Jotter
Flip Notepad with Sleek Red Metal Case
Signature - Cowhide Leather Jotter w/Refined Stitching
Genuine Leather Note Jotter with Refill Cards (50)
Leatherette Pocket Book Solar Calculator with Pen
St. James Pocket Jotter
Pocket Note Jotter with elastic pen loop
Silver Skinny Pen
3 in 1 Pocket Organizer Note Pad
Deluxe Leather Note Jotter and Card Case
Ambassador Spiral Pocket Jotter
Bonded Leather Flip Jotter with Pencil
Flip Notepad with Sleek Silver Metal Case
Ultra Skinny Pencil - Silver
Tuscan Cowhide Leather Pocket Jotter
Recycled Solar Calculator with Pen, Notepad and Flags
St. James Pocket Jotter
Regal Pocket Note Pad
Leatherette Note Jotter
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Oversized Note Jotters

Some business professionals prefer a wider note jotter. Maybe they have an attention to detail that requires more room or perhaps its just a personal preference. Gifts for Professionals proudly presents our Oversized Jotters for men and women!

Metal Note Jotters

These note jotters feature a flip-up metal case which makes them more rugged for on the go situations! When you need to always have pen and paper handy, these Metal Note Jotters are ideal.

Note Jotters with Calculators

These handy business accessories let you calculate figures and equations and jot down the results! It's our Note Jotters with Calculators from Gifts for Professionals. [Calculators]

Note Jotters for Women

Gifts for Professionals features a variety of business cases for women. We also have women's travel accessories for professionals who must travel for business purposes. Here, we present note jotters for women to keep in their briefcase so they can always be prepared to write down critical details.

Auto Note Jotters

These note jotters are designed to clip onto your visor in the car. They will always be there when you need a note jotter to write down reminders for personal and business reasons.

Note Jotter Refills

Having a note jotter handy means you are prepared during a meeting or after seeing a sign on the road with a phone number you want to remember. But, what good is a note jotter after you run out of paper or lose your pen? Not much -- but don't worry, you'll find pad and pen refills here! [Pen Refills]

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