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Navy Spouse Gifts

When the popular "Anchors Away" song fades into the distance, those left on shore must continue to live lives without that beloved spouse who had headed out to sea to protect the shores of the United States and places around the world. For the Navy spouse, life on shore can be challenging-- especially when raising a family with half of the team at sea. These Navy Spouse Gifts proclaim an unfailing love and steadfast commitment.

Navy Spouse's Prayer Plaque In Stock

$33.95 Item# 69928

Navy Spouse Coin

$24.25 Item# 68283

A beautiful coin to be given as a Navy Spouse Gift. Minted in brass alloy, this coin is highlighted with blue, red and white. On the front is the emblem of the United States Navy. The reverse side reads "YOUR UNFAILING SUPPORT AND UNDERSTANDING HELP MAKE POSSIBLE YOUR SPOUSE'S LASTING CONTRIBUTION TO A GRATEFUL NATION." The outer edge of the coin also reads "GRATEFUL APPRECIATION, UNSELFISHNESS, FAITHFULNESS, DEVOTION."

I Love My Sailor Coin

$22.00 Item# 69877

Say “I love my sailor” in a way that proves your love is everlasting with the “I Love My Sailor” challenge coin. The newest of our Navy Spouse Gifts.

Sailor's Wife Coin

$22.00 Item# 69876

Giving Navy Spouse Gifts to the wife of a sailor makes her stronger while she await her husband's return from the high seas. A naval wife must share her man with the United States of America and you can strengthen her resolve by giving her a thoughtful gift such as this beautiful brass alloy challenge coin.

Navy Spouses

For Navy spouses, the key to success if often found in working together, although far apart, teaching children to be both independent and dependent on each other, as well as to, above all, love the country in ways that help a Navy spouse understand that there are some jobs that must be done and the Navy personnel are ready to do them!

Navy spouses often form close bounds with other Navy spouses (certainly not as close as the quarters the Navy sailors themselves live in!). These close bonds mean that wherever your spouse may be, there is someone else living the same challenges. The pride found among Navy spouses is second to none as they work, with ardent passion, to keep their lives "afloat" with their "first mate" at sea! Browse among some great Navy spouse gifts to show that Navy pride!

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