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Navy Keychains

Navy Keychains can be a gift idea for him or her. Keychains are practical items that everyone uses getting to and from work and for personal excursions. For members of the United States Navy, these inexpensive items can be fond tokens of your affection for that special someone. Keychains can be gifts for your boyfriend, husband, brother, girlfriend, wife or sister. Whoever you know thats in the Navy, they are gonna love these gift ideas!

Navy Yellow Ribbon Keyring In Stock

$8.40 Item# 44477


A sentimental reminder of our Navy brothers and sisters who bravely assure we are protected. This keyring reads "Navy" on one side and "God Protect Our Sons and Daughters" on the other with a yellow ribbon -- the traditional sign of remembrance. Gifts for Professionals can add a silver tag with a name, initials or even a date of death of a beloved military comrade who served his or her country with pride and dignity. A special gift idea that is sure to be a treasured keepsake.

U.S. Navy Military Keychain

$12.30 Item# 39596


Celebrate the great victories of the United States Navy with this keychain. The U.S. Navy dates back to the revolutionary period (1775-1783) and ever since then ships have sailed to protect our vital interests -- first of our burgeoning colonies to now the great 50 states of the Union.

Show that Navy pride with a Navy seal key ring. An affordable and thoughtful gift, this navy key ring makes the perfect addition to any Navy celebration! Whether the old Navy sailor is hitting the sea for the last time or the young recruit is heading out to sea for the first time, it is all about the Navy with this great Navy military gift idea! Choose 1, 2 or 3 lines of personalization on the reverse of this keychain.

Note: The more lines and more text that is engraved, the smaller it will appear.

Navy Keychain

$18.60 Item# 62789


Among all our Navy Keychains, this model is the best selling item in its class. It's followed closely by the pewter only (with no color) version.

Navy Pewter Keychain

$14.10 Item# 65722


One of our top selling Navy Keychains is this 3" double-sided pewter keychain bearing the seal of the United States Navy.

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