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Navy Desk Accessories

Designed exclusively for members of the world's most feared Navy, these engraved desk accessories bring practical utility to the Navy officer's desk.

Set of Four Navy Coasters In Stock

$9.50 Item# 67516


Navy Marble Nameplate & Card Holder In Stock

$164.90 Item# 62683


Beautiful Black Marble Nameplate with United States Navy Medallion. This marble nameplate is also more as it has a space on the top to insert more than two dozen business cards. This marble nameplate and business card combo makes an spectacular United States Navy Officer Gift.

U.S. Navy Marble Nameplate In Stock

$91.50 Item# 56661


Here's the best selling unit among all of our military themed engraved nameplates! There's something special about the jet black marble contrasting with the colors on the United States Navy Medallion. Engrave this for your favorite officer for a birthday, new assignment or even as an engraved officer promotion gift.

Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with NAVY In Stock

$6.32 Item# 32215


Beautiful Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with the word NAVY on it is the perfect gift for your military friends and family. Made by Fisher Space Pen, this pen is called a bullet pen and fits easily into a pocket or jacket without causing leaks or big bulges. This pen is the line that was tasted for astronauts to write upside down and at any angle and it still works! A great gift for the Navy officer retiring team or a new recruit ready to head to boot camp. Photograph shows the pen in an open position and in its bullet closed position. Comes in a gift box. Don't forget to add initials or a name to this item!

U.S. Navy Coasters - Set of 6 In Stock

$17.95 Item# 66139

It's time to say thanks at the Navy Annual Banquet and you want a great gift for the attending rank that doesn't break that budget. That's where these coasters are made for the occasion... or any occasion!

Leather outside with a 2" Navy emblem inside, the coasters measure an overall 3.5" and are reinforced to be a tougher leather that stands up to those spills.

A Navy gift sure to bring a smile to the face of a visiting dignitary visiting your installation or parents of a new recruit! Whatever the occasion, if it is a Navy gift ideas you are searching for, this one is sure to please!

Commemorative Navy Keepsake Box In Stock

$51.85 Item# 63672


Your favorite Navy career officer may sail the seven seas and still not find a commemorative gift better than the one Gifts for Professionals has for that career Navy officer. This handsome keepsake box holds everything from valet dresser needs to a box full of Naval memories and is a wonderful Naval Retirement Gift Idea for that distinguished officer who has served the Navy with pride for decades.

Navy Letter Opener In Stock

$32.65 Item# 65723


Those who decide to embark on a career in the U.S. navy are filled with pride for our country and for the more than two centuries of history the sailing force has in protecting the shores of America.

Gifts for Professionals also knows how to show pride in our country by offering an incredibly unique Navy desk accessories including this Pewter Letter Opener.

All of our personalized letter openers are ready to be engraved directly on the blade.

Navy Mousepad

$12.15 Item# 66127

Hats off to the Navy and those who support it! This affordable and attractive Navy Mousepad offers a wonderful gift idea for a Naval officer's retirement or simply as a gift for the transferring sailor who loves the military.

Consider getting a Navy Mousepad as a gift for a Naval banquet too! With purchases in as little as 25, Gifts for Professionals offers a discount on these attractive mousepads.

United States Navy Black Marble Bookends

$109.95 Item# 58259


For the new graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland or for the newly promoted U.S. Navy officer, these United States Navy Bookends are a gift worthy of an Admiral!

See more marble bookends ready for engraving.

Please note: As with all natural products such as marble, there may be imperfections, slight veining and variations in the color. While we do our best to provide the color as photographed, marble is a natural product and variations occur in nature. Please contact us for additional information.

Army vs. Navy Chess Pieces

$119.95 Item# 70994

Navy Business Card Holder

$34.60 Item# 65700

It's not possible to walk into a chain big box office supply retailer and find gifts designed for our military like the Navy Desk Accessories offered at Gifts for Professionals. There is no doubt that this pewter business card holder was specifically designed with the officer class in mind with its bold emblem of the Navy front and center.

Shop for business card holders for other professional occupations too.

Navy Business Card Holder

$39.70 Item# 65701

Showcasing the same design as product # 65700, this pewter business card holder featuring blue color accent inside the pewter emblem.

Navy Indiwest Card Holder

$41.00 Item# 65721


One of the very few Navy Desk Accessories in our collection designed in a wood style.

U.S. Navy Military Glass Paperweight

$28.80 Item# 30689


For more than two centuries the United States Navy has defended the U.S.A. Our founding fathers knew that a strong Navy was required to remain free.

George Washington himself has a famous quote which reflects the important of the navy that says "It follows than as certain as that night succeeds the day, that without a decisive naval force we can do nothing definitive, and with it, everything honorable and glorious." Today, the United States of America Navy stands as the most powerful navy in the world -- as it has for decades.

Gifts for Professionals presents this glass paperweight which features a pewter U.S. Navy emblem.

Navy Salute Frame

$40.00 Item# 69598

This Navy figurine is standing at attention and saluting. To his left is a flag-themed photo frame ready to showcase the memories of our brothers at sea and the time you spent serving in the United States Navy.

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