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Nautical Theme Bottle Openers

A variety of Nautical Theme Bottle Openers are ready for your review! If you have nautical theme barware and are looking for this missing piece, you've found what you are looking for!

Silverplated Dolphin Bottle Opener In Stock

$9.80 Item# 55160


This piece is a little different from the others in this department. This dolphin shaped bottle opener is larger, making it the unique opener in the collection. The "opener" part is conveniently located on the dolphin tail.

Dolphin Gifts

Anchor Bottle Opener In Stock

$17.30 Item# 69530


The anchor is the number one selling Nautical Bottle Opener in the Gifts for Professionals Collection. Fashioned from stainless steel, there's room for engraving of a date or a set of initials or short name on the opposite side.

Anchor Themed Gifts

Mermaid Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 69536


The mermaid is a mythical creature found in ancient folklore. The though of a beautiful "siren of sea" enchanting sailors has long captured the imagination of those who love the ocean and its mysteries. This bottle opener might just be the most affordable of all our mermaid themed gifts and we encourage you to consider adding engraving as an add-on service to transform this barware accessory into a personalized gift.

Sailboat Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 66525


Sailboat Gifts come in all shapes and sizes and at various price points. This stainless steel opener is small and very inexpensive. Give it as a congratulations gift idea to the proud owner of a new sailboat!

Sea Otter Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 69539


The sea otter is a actually a member of the weasel family, although they are aquatic and mostly reside in the waters of the north Pacific Ocean. They are classified as an endangered species.

Sea Turtle Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 69540


Turtle can be land dwelling, freshwater dwelling or ocean dwelling. This animal bottle opener showcases the ocean dwelling sea turtle, sometimes known as marine turtles.

Seahorse Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 69538


The seahorse rounds out our mixture of Nautical Bottle Openers. The neck of this small fish reminded ancient Greek fisherman of the horse and the word "hippos" (Greek for Horse) was associated with it, leading to its modern name.

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