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Nautical Keychains

Nautical keychains are great for a birthday, anniversary or business gift. They are inexpensive and practical. See all of our engraved & personalized keychains at Gifts for Professionals for even more choices and see our entire catalog of nautical gifts.

Beach Lover's Flip Flop Key Ring In Stock

$12.95 Item# 66121


This gift reminds you of a day at the beach. A day of looking out on the ocean and watching the ships go by. Remembering the rich nautical history that our oceans contain. Boaters love nautical keychains that remind them of the water -- things like an anchor or dolphin. But land lovers who enjoy soaking in the sun on the beach will love this particular keychain.

Anchor Keyring In Stock

$5.00 Item# 64897


Let's face it, key rings often say a lot about the person carrying it. Whether you have a fancy large fuzzy key ring or a small initial on a keychain, the key ring certainly shares a little of your story. And so it should!

For the boat lover, the sea lover or anyone who can't resist a little of the nautical, this is the keychain you will want to carry! S great gift idea for him, this Anchor Key Ring is sure to let everyone know that the vehicle this person wants to be driving is probably a boat! Or why not just get the keyring for the boat?

More personalized keyrings available in every theme imaginable.

Personalized Lighthouse Keychain In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62922


The Lighthouse has a special place in nautical history. Now the classic lighthouse design is captured perfectly by our artists who designed this 3" keyring. It is shaped just like most of the lights that were built on the eastern seaboard in prior decades and centuries.

More Lighthouse Gifts are just a click away!

Anchor Keychain In Stock

$10.40 Item# 57445


One of the few personalized nautical keychains with a splash of color! This polished nickel anchor is accented in blue and features an oval charm to engrave a name or display your logo.

Also see our engraved anchor gifts.

Silver Anchor Key Ring In Stock

$7.80 Item# 71130

Sea Horse Personalized Keychain In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62918


There are more than fifty different species of the Seahorse in the oceans. These unique fish come in a variety of colors. As our salute to this unique ocean creature, we present our fine pewter Seahorse Keychain.

Salmon Keychain In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62927


For guys who love their boat and enjoy spending an entire day offshore fishing, this is a salmon-themed gift idea. On his birthday, personalized nautical keychains are sure to put a smile on his face!

Shark Keychain Gift In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62920


After inclement weather, the biggest nautical threat to human boating offshore might just be the shark. It is a creature to be respected. We must go with care into their environment if we choose to swim in the ocean or go scuba diving. This key ring beautifully captures the look of this amazing animal.

If your boyfriend or husband enjoys shark fishing, then you've got to see our line of Shark Gifts.

Anchors Away Nautical Keyring In Stock

$9.95 Item# 71331


Butterfly Fish Key Ring In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62924


Here's one of our fun nautical keychains! This butterfly fish gift is one of those rare & hard to find items.

Large Mouth Bass Keychain In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62926


The large-mouthed bass is one of our nautical keychains geared to the casual fisherman. Without needed the nautical knowledge of a boat captain, the man who enjoys fishing of the local dock will love this as a birthday gift.

Lobster Keychain - Personalized In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62913


This is one of those nautical keychains with so many possibilities. A seafood restaurant could give it to the entire restaurant staff as a Christmas gift. Or, a seafood distributor could use it as a promotional gift. Finally, anyone who loves lobster is a prime candidate and now you're search for what to buy them is complete!

Pelican Keychain In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62921


Our engraved keychain collection has more than a dozen nautical themed keychains. For the first time ever we're offering Pelican Gift Ideas at Gifts for Professionals. We launch our newest "niche" item with this Pewter Pelican Keychain.

Pelicans are a favorite of kids and adults around the world alike who love to watch these water birds enjoy themselves in the water. Pelicans live in all types of environments from the San Francisco Bay to the interiors of Africa. From Peru to Jamaica, a variety of pelicans hunt for fish and enjoy the beauty of the Earth. Now, the beauty of the Pelican can be yours on this Personalized Pelican Key Ring!

Rainbow Trout Personalized Keychain In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62925


Sea Gulls Personalized Keychain In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62911


We've included Seagulls in our collection of personalized nautical keychains. It's a gift for the man or woman who loves walking along the seashore. Sea Gulls always seem to be nearby enjoying the sound of the ocean and frolicking in the waves and on the beach. This large keychain is approximately 3" and is made of pewter.

Whale Tail Personalized Nautical Keychain In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62914


One of our acclaimed 3-D nautical keychains. This one is shaped like a whale tail. For engraving purposes, we'll add an small oval to the keyring and engrave that with initials or a short first name.

Personalized Ship's Wheel Keychain

$9.60 Item# 57447


A nautical theme gift ideal for a travel agency, a cruise line or just perhaps the "skipper" of his or her own vessel.

Set sail for our collection of Ship's Wheel Gifts.

Voyager "Cruise Ship" Keychain

$11.75 Item# 57448


Polished nickel with blue accent ship shape keyholder featuring anchor décor.

Lighthouse Key Ring - Nautical Theme

$6.15 Item# 53879

We have so many different types of nautical keychains. This is the 2nd one shaped like a lighthouse! Crafted from resin, it features blue accents and blue rhinestones!

Anchor & Ship's Wheel Nautical Keychain

$14.10 Item# 62912


Boating is so much fun. Men who love to take family and friends out on their boat on weekends for afternoons of fellowship and good times love being outside and love the sound of the waves as their boat makes its way.

For most of us, Boating is all about recreation. Once upon a time boating was all about making a living. Men who fished for a living just offshore or those brave enough to sail to the new world were living and exploring by the sweat of their brow. Today boating is more enjoyable for so many professionals who enjoy the ability to have their own speedboat or yacht.

This Anchor & Ship's Wheel Keychain is a symbol he loves as is represents freedom and fun. The Anchor and Ship's Wheel also pays tributes to the men of the past who braved the waters to discover the new world and begin everything anew!

Anchor Gifts

Nautical Keychains are just a small selection of our overall Nautical Gift Collection. If you are looking to decorate your home or office with Anchor Gifts & Accessories, consider these clocks, bookends and wine accessories.

Wine Bottle Stopper with Anchor Top In Stock

$34.60 Item# 41494


This Anchor Bottle Stopper is ideal for the captain. Made with grade A Portuguese cork, it has a chain with a pewter ring which slips over a bottle's neck. When you are looking for a great gift idea for the boat captain who loves everything about the ocean, give him this anchor bottle stopper... of course, Gifts for Professionals suggest including a bottle of his favorite... well, you know!

Ship's Wheel Decorative Gifts

Sail towards a destination where your home or business is well decorated with nautical accessories including these Ship's Wheel designs.

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