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Nautical Coasters

These Marble coasters with ships, seascapes, and other nautical scenes are a subset of our larger collection of nautical gifts which include theme decor items ranging from anchors to lighthouses.

Set of Four Round "Pensacola" Lighthouse Coasters

$18.56 Item# 27021

It's a 177 step climb to the top of Pensacola Lighthouse but its worth it at the top where you'll enjoy a stunning view of the Gulf Coast of Florida. If you can't make the climb, you can at least enjoy these nautical coasters which celebrate the 156 year old lighthouse.

Creatures of the Sea Coaster Set

$46.00 Item# 64163

This set of Four Italian Marble Nautical Coasters has a unique sea creature on each piece. Pictured on its own coaster in the collection are a starfish, lobster, and sea horse.

Fish Coasters

$46.00 Item# 61215

Nautical Theme Coasters

$46.00 Item# 63677

A sea shell, starfish and marine plants are featured on this set of four nautical coasters.

Sailboat Marble Coasters

$46.00 Item# 61200

Sailing Boats Coaster Set of Four

$46.00 Item# 63686

Another set of nautical coasters that celebrates naval history and the tall ships that once ruled the Atlantic ocean.

Sailing Ships Coaster Set of Four

$46.00 Item# 63685

A set of four nautical coasters featuring "Tall Ships" that once ruled the oceans and made exploration possible.

Shell Coasters

$46.00 Item# 63821

Unique sea shells are pictured on each one of these four nautical coasters. Enjoy this set made of fine Italian marble.

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