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Nautical Bottle Stoppers

From our nautical gifts collection comes these wine bottle stoppers in the shape of or featuring emblems of an anchor, dolphin, sailor, turtle or lighthouse!

Anchor Bottle Stopper In Stock

$27.68 Item# 41494


One of our most popular nautical bottle stoppers! Made for the sailor, the boater, or anyone who loves the ocean. Just one of many Anchor Gifts available at Gifts for Professionals.

Dolphin Bottle Stopper In Stock

$8.65 Item# 41478


We all find dolphins fascinating. These amazing animals have been known to protect human swimmers from aggressive sharks. While these heroics may be rare, they've sparked a bond between humans and dolphins. Our designers have captured the graceful dolphin on this animal themed bottle stopper.

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Pelican Bottle Stopper In Stock

$34.60 Item# 41473


The pelican is a water bird that is instantly recognizable by its long beak and large throat pouch. Their favorite food is fish. Regardless of your favorite wine, this nautical wine stopper will go great in your collection of barware accessories. If seeing pelicans reminds you of those wonderful days at the beach or out on the open water, this pelican is for you!

Lighthouse Bottle Stopper

$34.60 Item# 41481


A 3-D Pewter Lighthouse Bottle Stopper will guide your thoughts back to the coastline where lighthouses where once the only way for sailors to navigate the shores of the United States safely. With modern computer guidance systems and GPS systems, lighthouses aren't as important as they once were, but they still hold a special place in the heart of anyone who loves the beach or the ocean!

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Mermaid Bottle Stopper

$32.00 Item# 63695

The legendary mermaid has captured the hearts and fantasies of men who sailed the oceans for centuries. These mythical creatures are found in the folklore of many civilizations. And now, the mermaid will be found once and for all... in your barware collection with this pewter bottle stopper.

Sailboat Bottle Stopper

$34.60 Item# 41490


Open a bottle of wine and while your pouring a glass for your companions, you can tell them of your adventures on your sailboat. Whether you've just been sailing for an afternoon or your an accomplished professional sailor who's ventured around the world, this wine bottle accessory is for the sailboat lover in you!

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Salmon Bottle Stopper

$34.60 Item# 41488


What's more fun? Drinking wine or catching fish? Well, it depends on who you ask! For the sportsman who loves waking up early to go fishing with his buddies but still has enough energy to entertain friends at night, this wine bottle stopper is the type of personal accessory that shows off your personality!

Lighthouse Theme Bottle Stopper

$26.05 Item# 40241


We have two different Lighthouse Themed Wine Stoppers, but only this one can be personalized. Made of stainless steel, the side of the stopper has room for a very short engraving.

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