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Personalized Nameplates

What's in a name? Just a little bit more than usual when you assure that name is etched into an elegant Crystal Nameplate or Marble Nameplate. These nameplates and name bars are a popular desk accessory that is both functional and attractive. Consider nameplates that are given as employee recognition gifts and employee awards when you etch your corporate logo next to the name.
Crystal Nameplates
Crystal Nameplates
Our personalized crystal nameplates make a statement. These engraved gifts are refined, gracious and ultimately professional.
Glass Nameplates
Glass Nameplates
The engraved nameplates in our collection include products to display your professional name in jade glass in standard or beveled rectangular glass.
Leather Nameplates
Leather Nameplates
Leather Name Bars have a metal plate that is personalized with rotary (diamond-drag) engraving.
Marble Nameplates
Marble Nameplates
A marble nameplate is a substantially impressive way to showcase your professional name and designation.
Wooden Nameplates
Wooden Nameplates
All types of personalized wooden nameplates (excluding rosewood and walnut which have their own sections).
Full Color Custom Name Badge
Freestanding Acrylic Nameplate / Namebar
Acrylic Nameplate - 3.125 x 6.625 x .75
Black or Clear Acrylic Freestanding Desk Nameplate
Artiste Acrylic Name Bar

Nameplates Aren't Just For Names Anymore

It used to be when purchasing a nameplate, customers wanted a name and perhaps a title of a boss or newly promoted co-worker. Obviously, as the name implies, the nameplate was ready to offer its services in the best way it knew how... informing the visitors of exactly whose office they may have wandered into! A nameplate confirmed what the business card said and, besides, the nameplate looked really good on the desktop. Certainly nameplates continue to enjoy the traditional success they have always enjoyed since, well, perhaps when Adam got a job and Eve wanted to congratulate him! Nameplates are one of the most popular graduation gift ideas and gifts for newly promoted coworkers. Nameplates are a wonderful desk accessory that often follows a business person throughout his or her career. However, times are changing. Nameplates aren't just for names anymore. And you'll never guess what is going on with these nameplates these days! Let Gifts for Professionals help explain...

Blank Name Plates Can Be Engraved with Customer Messages

Nameplates are becoming one of the latest accessories in receptionist offices and businesses where sharing information with visiting clients is critical. Who would have believed the information overload clients and customers must be given when entering a business office or checking out of a doctor's office. Messages such as "Payment must be rendered at time of service," "No cell phones allowed in treatment area," "Referrals are appreciated and recognized," and "All children must be supervised," “Quiet Please” and many more. Often such messages are softened and don't seem quiet as harsh when added to a traditional nameplate – well, not quite a nameplate anymore!

Gifts for Professionals has started referring to such plates as “Message Plates” since the messages they convey are varied and certainly important. And Gifts for Professionals wants to remind customers that message plates are available and don't cost anything more than a traditional nameplate! These nameplates can certainly assist your office in educating the clientele and avoiding those “war of words” that spill out following a direct confrontation with an irate customer, a chatty cell phone user, or a mother whose unruly children are driving the entire lobby insane. Simply pointing to the message plate sign becomes an easier way to convince the customer or client that it is a business office and screaming children just aren't to be allowed! Or, as one Gifts for Professionals customer requested in ordering a sign: “Children Are Meant to Be Seen and Not Heard.” While, perhaps, that sign might be a little stronger than a sign you want to have added to your busy lobby, let's face it, the message is yours and helping you convey that message is just part of the nameplates we are calling message plates!

The trend to use message plates is relatively new. The trend began a few years ago and continues to grow every year. The first wave of message plates seemed to be a subtle response to the growing use of cell phones and how people had cell phones stuck in their ears wherever they went. Businesses, especially doctors offices, began ordering nameplates that were not plates with doctor's names on them (as had been a big client for Gifts for Professionals) but, rather, plates with messages instead. The plates usually had a simple message such as “No Cell Phones Beyond Reception Area” or “No Cell Phones In Treatment Area” and one particular favorite from a dentist: “Open Your Mouth for the Dentist & Not to Answer Your Cell Phone.” Customers began calling to ask if such nameplates were available or were they custom-ordered. We were quick to assure Gifts for Professionals customers that these nameplates didn't cost any extra to have an extra-special or extraordinarily important message added. While each nameplate was custom done so too would the message plates. And the trend has grown and the messages have become more and more diverse.

One of the most popular messages besides the cell phone warning, is the “Payment Must Be Rendered At Time of Service” message which our customers tell us is one of the most difficult things for an office worker to say to customers. By adding this simple message to a nameplate, understanding that it is essential to pay is certainly increased although one of our customers suggested we develop a sign saying “Customers Must Read All Signs” to our selection! In other words, you just can't solve all of your problems with message plates but it is a start! A start that can help your staff deal with the growing overload of information your staff might forget to share with a client or patient.

The message plates are available in a variety of styles and sizes.... just like nameplates of course... because they are the nameplates! Browse among the wide array and growing selection of nameplates and name bars and discover anything from the traditional wood nameplate to the fancier jade glass and crystal nameplates so popular among modern style offices. And these nameplates, magically, become your message plates and are customized by the information you want to share! Let Gifts for Professionals staff assist you in matching the nameplate to the message or the office. We are sure to help you communication – non-verbally, of course – with your customers while avoiding those confrontations that just make for a difficult day... and the work day can be challenging enough without such avoidable interactions. All it takes is a great message and the messenger is a nameplate with your custom information added!

So consider a message plate! Whether you want to send a message of thanks, of warning, or simply share important information you don't want to forget in the rush to check in and out customers, these nameplates are doing double duty these days and are ready to add their services to your custom needs. Name your message... and name it perfectly on a custom message plate produced just for you!


Famous Quote Ideas for Engraved Nameplate Desk Accessory

Go unconventional and engrave something like that infamous Harry S. Truman phrase "The Buck Stops Here" onto one of these elegant nameplates from Gifts for Professionals.

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