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Motivational Awards

If you are looking for employee recognition award ideas that motivate and inspire, you've found them!

Innovation and Leadership Award In Stock

$99.95 Item# 31643


Inspire your employees to make it happen and recognize the people in your organization who are the problem solvers while offering a stunning display piece perfect for home or office.

Thinking Outside the Box Creative Corporate Award Gift In Stock

$99.95 Item# 52179


The Thinking Outside the Box Inspirational Award Gift is a corporate award gift perfect for the employee who "thinks outside the box" to get things done! The beautiful modern style design shows a figure outside of the box!

Endurance & Perseverance Teamwork Award In Stock

$123.75 Item# 64885


For those who often achieve the impossible amidst amazing obstacles and overwhelming odds, this is the award to recognize those special milestones! Whether your project manager has successes in getting a job done or your leadership team has taken your company to the next level, it is time to recognize those who take that ball and not only run with it but push it, uphill, despite the challenges.

Measures 15" L and 8" H.

Bright Idea Creativity Award In Stock

$99.90 Item# 64938


If you excel in an organization that is fast paced and always changing and developing, then you know that ideas are everything to creating success and leading the pack. That's why creativity and innovation must be recognized and what better way to say "Job well done" than with this attractive and, yes, fun award. Called our Creativity Bright Idea Award this stunning black glass base adorns your recipient's desk.

Inspirational Teamwork Overcoming Obstacles Award In Stock

$116.95 Item# 30961


This special Inspirational Teamwork Award is a great way to recognize someone for either constant optimism or success in a project. Featuring the quote "Every obstacle is a stepping-stone to your success", the award reminds the recipient that they have been able to remove those obstacles. It inspires them to meet even tougher challenges in the future.

"Determination Uphill" Corporate Inspirational Award

$140.00 Item# 52075


Determination in the strength of character -- even to persevere when the going gets tough. When your employees demonstrate resolve to meet their goals and execute their job description flawlessly, you should formally recognize this achievement. An ongoing employee recognition program or just a one time award presentation will incentivize everyone to keep doing a good job and to work harder.

Features the phrase "The best way to predict the future... is to create it!"

A Brighter Idea Light Bulb Award

$29.45 Item# 69956


This cute lightbulb novelty gift award features a scroll base in gold with a traditional lightbulb on the top. The Lightbulb Award is also known as the Bright Idea Award and is the perfect novelty gift idea that is both affordable and a fun gift for anyone who loves giving fun and humorous gifts to the hard working team. A part of our great line of novelty awards, Gifts for Professionals has a fun line that have the hard working office team laughing as one receives a bomb, another a wheel, and another a mouse trap! Browse among our line of novelty awards and make the entire crew feel appreciated and honored!

A Short Fuse Novelty Awad

$29.45 Item# 69955


Whether you call this the Ticking Time Bomb Award or the Short Fuse Award this fun novelty award is sure to get a laugh out of everyone who has ever witnessed that -- let's just say -- less than patient co-worker who just can't stand mistakes, distractions, or incomplete work! Perhaps it's your boss who just shakes his head and walks away from the fuss... perhaps it is a volunteer who likes to boss everyone around. This adorable novelty bomb is sure to explode in popularity so grab yours today!

Facing Challenges Inspirational Employee Recogntion Award

$90.00 Item# 30918


This motivational award features the phrase "The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are moving."

Build a Better Mouse Trap Novelty Award

$25.80 Item# 69952


It's time to get the creative juices flowing among your most talented staff. That's why this fun award offers the incentive that you need. Take a closer look at our great Novelty Award featuring a mouse trap, cheese and that (ouch!) spring that gets the mouse. We call this award the Build a Better Mouse Trap Award for those in your organization who can think outside the box and make new discovers. What a great award to give those who come up with new ideas, better ideas, and ways to save money, We also have another great one called Reinventing the Wheel for those same kinds of employees. Come on, build a better mousetrap... while you take a look at this fun way to award those who actually do it! Measures 5.5" H with a 3" W x .75" H gold plate ready to be added to the bottom and engraved with that achiever's name.

Reinventing the Wheel Novelty Award

$25.80 Item# 69953


For those who are creative and always ready to come up with a new solution, this award is specifically designed with you in mind! It's time to "Reinvent the Wheel" and find a better solution, an easier way of doing things, an idea that saves your company or organization or sales team a few dollars.

This attractive novelty award, called the Reinventing the Wheel Award is a fun way to award someone (affordably too!) for coming up with a great idea... like when the wheel was invented!

Measuring 5" H, it is a great conversation piece and makes a wonderful sales team award, motivational award or simply a unique way to say thanks to the person who always has the ideas!

Building Bridges Recogntion Award

$113.75 Item# 39697


The best motivational awards feature quotes from accomplished and inspiring figures. This one showcases a quote from William Shakespeare: "Be great in act, as you have been in thought."

Inspiration Pinnacle Hand Blown Art Sculpture Award

$98.00 Item# 64722


This tall droplet style hand blown art sculpture is certain to be a favorite at your next awards ceremony. Measuring almost 12" T and with a black crystal base, it features blacks, browns, and golds each individually created into a natural and unique pattern.

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