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Modern Desk Accessories

Modern Desk Accessories

Silver Plated Paperclip Dispenser
New Age Italian PU Leather Junior Padfolio
Satin Silver "Kick Off" Business Card Holder
Perpetual Calendar Cube
Perpetual Calendar Cube
$44.85 Item# 67509
Clearylic Pencil Cup with Bow Front
Pen Cup Holder
$18.10 Item# 66124
Modern Design Clock Brushed Silver Bezel on Black
Black or Clear Acrylic Freestanding Desk Nameplate
Calendar Alarm Clock Pen Holder
Foldable Adjustable Tablet Holder
Vibe Folding Tablet Stand
Folding Tablet Easel Stand
$7.85 Item# 62933
Lost in Space
Modern Style Crystal Clock
$94.00 Item# 69238

Modern Bookends

For the executive who prefers a modern office & desk accessories with contemporary refinement, these bookends will go nicely on the cadenza, bookcase or desk.

Modern Memo Pad Holders

A modern desk accessory that will keep you on time with an easy way to jot down reminders! These Modern Style Memo Pad Holders are all able to be engraved with an individual's name or branded with the company logo.

Modern Photo Frames

Modern Pens & Writing Instruments

Personalized pens with a streamlined design. These ballpoint and rollerball pens are all ready to be engraved with your name. They are very personal and modern desk accessories appropriate for anyone to give to a coworker, secretary, or boss.

Modern Pen Stands

Modern desk accessories are contemporary by the material they are crafted from and their design. Curves and rounded edges are a modern design aesthetic that's appreciated by the refined eye. Our modern designed pen stands enhance the look of your desk and your image as a business professional. [Personalized Pen Stands]

Modern Desk Sculptures

Go modern with one of these incredibly unique art sculptures. While we offer these in our recognition gift collection, you can simply purchase one without any engraving and it becomes a stunning decor piece that's almost a one of a kind. A modern desk accessory for your office that will impress the entire staff and your prospective clients.

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