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Military Bottle Openers

Find two types of Military Bottle Openers at Gifts for Professionals -- the basic stainless steel opener with an opening designed for hanging on a peg on the wall and the dog tag bottle opener.

USMC Bottle Opener In Stock

$22.40 Item# 65476


The search for Inexpensive Marine Corps Gifts concludes when you see this small barware tool bearing the emblem of the USMC.

Army Bottle Opener with Enamel Color In Stock

$22.40 Item# 65594


New Army recruits will enjoy receiving this when they graduate from Boot Camp. If you are showing up for the graduation ceremony, be sure to take a small token of your affection with a bottle opener engraved with the date or short message.

Engraved Bottle Openers

Coast Guard Bottle Opener In Stock

$22.40 Item# 65177


The history of the U.S. Coast Guard goes back to the early days of the Republic. It was in the summer of 1790, that Alexander Hamilton requested Congress create a seagoing service to protect the coastland. Originally called the Revenue Marine, the USCG has been protecting the U.S. coast and adjoining waters now for over 225 years.

Personalized Coast Guard Gifts.

Navy Bottle Opener In Stock

$22.40 Item# 65703


Demonstrating remarkable domination of the world's oceans, the United States Navy projects America's power around the globe. From the Atlantic to the Pacific and into the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf, there's no place America's frigates, cruisers and air craft carriers cannot go. And now, with this military bottle opener, they can go into your home bar!

Navy Gifts

Army Bottle Opener

$21.80 Item# 65593


The largest branch of the U.S. Armed Forces is celebrated on this small stainless steel bottle opener. Army gifts can be big or small but the thought is the same -- you want to say thank you for years of service in defending our country. A personalized gift is a great way to do that!

B-17 Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 67663


Manufactured by Boeing Aircraft beginning in the 1930s, the B-17 Flying Fortress was a heavy bomber that devastated enemy positions during World War II. Celebrate the achievement of America's WWII fighting force with this commemorative bottle opener.

For larger aircraft gift options, go with our Airplane awards.

Don't Tread on Me Bottle Opener

$17.95 Item# 66227


The Gasden Flag is named for its designer, Christopher Garden, who created the flag in 1775 during the American Revolution. We are including it in our collection of Military Bottle Openers since it was an inspiration to our original revolutionaries who are responsible for the freedoms we enjoy centuries later.

Gasden Flag Gifts

Helicopter Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 65507


Military bottle openers either showcase a service branch emblem or a military machine that projects the power of our forces in enemy territory. The apache helicopter has been a very effective tool and now its on one of our military bottle openers.

Marines Historic Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 65493


The historic emblem of the USMC looks great on this SS Bottle Opener.

Marines Tun Tavern Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 66070


Tun Tavern is thought to be the site of the first recruitment drive of what would become the United States Marine Corps during the American Revolutionary War.

Navy Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 65704


Power projection is one of the roles of the United States Navy, along with nuclear deterrence and naval warfare. Gift this Navy Bottle Opener as a gift to any officer currently serving in this vital service branch.

P.O.W. Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 66436


A missing captured person is referred to as a Prisoner of War, sometimes shortened to the initials P.O.W. When persons are captured during military confrontations, the belligerent power has gained a tool of negotiation. For families of POWs, it's an incredibly difficult and emotionally taxing situation. Commemorative P.O.W gifts are designed so that we never forget those being held and those who were never returned.

Prisoner of War Gifts

Dog Tag Bottle Openers

Members of the military can keep bottle openers with them at all times with these dog tags

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