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The necktie is the classic men's gift idea. At Gifts for Professionals, we bring you a wonderful selection of men's ties and neckwear in a variety of styles and colors.
Cigar Aficionado Men's Tie
Democrat Donkey Necktie
Democratic Donkey Necktie
$22.50 Item# 50215
FIrefighter's Men's Necktie
Firefighter Necktie
$25.50 Item# 27323
Paster's Religious Necktie
Paster's Religious Necktie
$17.50 Item# 51620
Physician's Men's Necktie
Physician Necktie
$24.50 Item# 61157
Amazing Grace Christian Tie for Men
Amazing Grace Neck Tie
$13.75 Item# 53200
Realtor Men's Necktie
Real Estate Agent Tie
$20.00 Item# 60642
Republican Novelty Tie
Republican Elephant Necktie
$25.00 Item# 50214
Architect's Men's Necktie
Texas Flag Necktie
Texas Flag Tie
$22.50 Item# 53204
Clover Novelty Necktie
No Smoking Silk Tie
Doctor's Tie
Attractive Doctor's Necktie
$24.50 Item# 69120
Red Wine Lover's Men's Necktie
Wine Lovers Neck Tie
$17.50 Item# 53207
Patriotic Bow Tie Pin
Patriotic Bow Tie Pin
$3.60 Item# 70719
Men's Camera Tie
Coffee Novelty Tie
Coffee Addict's Men's Necktie
$22.50 Item# 53811
Coffee Lover's Men's Necktie with Coffee Beans
Conversation Heart Men's Necktie
Doctor Novelty TIe

Black Sheep Tie Series

Gifts for Professionals brings you the humorous Black Sheep Tie in a variety of colors and patterns. Do you feel like the Black Sheep of the Family? These ties are for you!

Occupation Ties

Occupation gifts are one of our specialties here at Gifts for Professionals. We pride ourselves in having the most corporate gifts for lawyers, stock brokers and other leading professions. Here we offer occupation gifts that go into a man's wardrobe! These occupation ties celebrate several successful careers! [Occupation Gifts]

Banker's Dollar and Centers Men's Necktie In Stock

$22.50 Item# 53808

Polyester necktie for men that is 57" in length. Features a print of dollar bills, money signs and bright gold coins. Ideal as a gift for accountant but also appropriate for banking professionals or anyone in the finance industry.

Airline Pilot Men's Tie

$21.00 Item# 53136

Military Ties

While not part of the official military uniform for the Army, Navy, Air Force of Marine Corps, these ties nevertheless are an excellent way to show pride in the United States of America.

United States Coast Guard Men's Tie In Stock

$25.00 Item# 49029

Music Theme Ties

You don't have to be a musician to enjoy wearing these ties. Men who love music will love showing their favorite instruments on these ties for guys!

Piano Music Note Neck Tie In Stock

$22.95 Item# 53140

This piano men's necktie features musical notes on one side and a piano keyboard on the other. A music recital gift exclusively for the gentlemen.

Drums Neck Tie In Stock

$16.00 Item# 53144

Attending a concert or small music performance with your favorite drummer on stage can be more fun than ever when you have a moment to see them backstage before or after the event and give them this fun drummer necktie.

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