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Card Cases for Men

Business card cases for the man who enjoys the traditional or masculine look in business accessories. These engraved card cases make excellent business or corporate gifts -- but also wonderful personal gifts on special occasions.

Easy Access Leather Card Case and Compact Wallet In Stock

$14.05 Item# 61431


This Easy Access Leather Card Case and Compact Wallet for men will hold about 25 cards into one pocket or can hold about four business cards and your license for the compact holder you need. Made of sturdy leather, it features a squared and stitched pattern ready to go to work for you!

Wildlife Card Cases for Men

For the hunter or outdoorsman, these card cases for him show where his heart is.

Black Bear Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65931


One of the strongest creatures in the wild, the black bear, is captured in this wildlife scene. Shaped into an oval medallion, it is the highlight of this stainless steel case.

Buffalo Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65932


This buffalo is on the move! For the outdoorsman who's also on the move but wants a sporty way to store his calling cards, this business accessory is the right gift.

Eagle Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65934


Soaring high above the land, the eagle is majestic and has become the symbol of the United States of America.

Elk Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65935


Hunters in the western states who go looking for elk will love this personalized gift.

Grizzly Bear Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65936


The grizzly is an animal to avoid on visits to national parks or on camping trips. With this card case for him, the grizzly bear can safely come along on business or camping trips.

Loon Business Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65941

We are ready to personalize this fine gift for him.

Mallards Duck Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65943


The mallard is captured with wings spread on this card case for men.

Loon Business Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65941

We are ready to personalize this fine gift for him.

Moose Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65947


Most of the moose population of America are found in Alaska or the northwest. But now there can be a moose spotting as far south as Florida when you use this case to dispense your calling card.

Pheasant Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65949


Pheasants are beautiful birds and many males of the species feature bright colors and long tails. They move with a unique waddle. Now, any male in the corporate world can be be noticed with a masculine card case that shows he is a true outdoorsman.

Turkeys Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65956


These turkeys have gathered to enhance this men's business card case.

Whitetail Deer Business Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65958


The whitetail deer is alert for any sudden noises on this case.

Wolves Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65959


One of nature's predators is featured on this case for him.

Lizard Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65939

A personalized card case for the guy who loves all of natures creatures.

Sports Theme Card Cases for Men

The best cases for guys who love sports

Golf Putter Business Card Case In Stock

$22.40 Item# 61954


The golf lover will appreciate this is the item you picked for them on your search for business card cases for men. The case is constructed of stainless steel and features a fine pewter decorative casting of a golfer putting on a golf green. The emblem is highlighted with green and blue enamel to take you to the green. The hinged case is perfect for carrying your cards in a neat and impressive manner. Assembled in USA.

Bull Rider Business Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65933


He will hold onto this personalized case a lot longer than he can stay on that bull!

Car Theme Card Cases for Men

Car Steering Wheel Business Card Case In Stock

$13.70 Item# 61318


Men loves their toys and especially cars. Guys really love speed and that is why this card case with raised steering wheel is an excellent card case for men. Case comes blank without any imprint but engraving is easy to add.

Car Business Card Case In Stock

$15.75 Item# 60957


A gift idea for the young man who just passed his driver's license. The car salesman is another person for whom this case could be given to celebrate a hiring event, an employee milestone or for hitting a monthly sales goal. Perfect for any guy who loves cars.

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