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Memo Pad Holders

Personalized Memo Pad Holders

Gifts for Professionals bring you the perfect desktop memo pad to keep thoughts fresh in your mind. Need to remember a meeting? Have goals and objectives? Use our writing note pads to keep a reminder close by... Memo pads are incredibly useful and one of our best selling desk accessories. Also see our line of writing pad holders and business card cases.
Acrylic Notepad Holder with Paper
Heart Memo Pad Holder
Heart Memo Pad Holder
$11.25 Item# 63709
Piano Finish Rosewood Post-It Note Holder with Pen
Atlantis Leather Post-It Note Holder - Black
Memo Pad Holder
L-Shape Post It Holder
Post-it Note Leather Holder
Post-It Note Leather Holder
$25.00 Item# 48687
Leather Memo Holder, Black
Glass Post-It Holder with Paper
Memo Pad Holder 6x4.5
Shiny Desktop Memo Pad Holder
$34.85 Item# 60925
Star Memo Pad Holder with Pen Stand
Post It Holder
Post It Memo Pad Holder
$27.95 Item# 59751
Silver Plated Brass Memo Pad Holder
Acrylic Block 3x3 Sticky Pad Holder
Rustic Leather Memo Holder
Rustic Leather Memo Holder
$95.40 Item# 30457
Contemporary Leather Memo Holder
Crocodile Embossed Leather Memo Holder
Crystal Post It Holder
Crystal Post It Holder
$32.40 Item# 69267
Bulldog Notepad - Memo Pad Holder
Tarnish Proof Pearlized Silver Plated Notepad Holder

Memo Pad Holder & Pen Stand Combos

Two desk accessories for the price of one! These memo pad holders also serve as a desk pen stand!

Leather Memo Pad Holders

Our most stylish memo pad holders and desk accessories are those crafted from the finest leathers. Our personalization department offers debossing and foil stamping options to personalize these memo pad holders.

Leather Memo Pad Holders - Croc Leather

Crocodile leather memo pad holders are for the discriminating business man or woman who likes to decorate with definitively impressive desk accessories.

Marble Memo Pad Holders

The elegance of a marble memo pad holder sitting on your desk will impress all those who visit your office -- or should we call it an executive suite? These marble memo pad holders can all be personalized with a name or short phrase. [Marble Desk Accessories]

Glass Memo Pad Holders

Pad holders to match other glass items on your desk. Choose one of these glass memo pad holders to go with glass clocks and glass nameplates.

Metal Memo Pad Holders

Most of our metal alloy memo pad holders are silver and go well with other silver desk accessories. A few of these are brass and would match gold-tone desk accessories.

Metal Memo Pad Holders - Tarnish Proof

Tarnish proof metal isn't as bright or reflective and its coated and protected from discoloration in the future. The memo pad holders will last for years and years -- even decades!

Acrylic Memo Pad Holders

From our most affordable desk accessory series comes these Acrylic Memo Pad Holders.

Wood Memo Pad Holders

Decorative wood memo pad holders keep your small yellow pads within reach for quick note taking!

Golf Theme Memo Pad Holders

For the corporate executive who loves golf comes our line of Golf Memo Pad Holders. Add a special touch by engraving the golf lover's name and perhaps a "milestone accomplishment" like Hole-in-One or other outstanding performance they've accomplished on the course! [Golf Gifts]

Women's Memo Pad Holders

Professional women appreciate most all of our memo pad holders but we've designed some of these handy desk accessories to be especially loved by female appreciation.

Memo Pad Holders - Professional Series

Desk memo pad holders with professional insignias and emblems for doctors, lawyers and members of the United States Military!

Remember Important Details with Memo Pad Holder

Executives with so much to keep track off need a handy memo pad holder on their desk or nearby to jot down phone numbers or other reminders. Gifts for Professionals offers engraving or debossing (a personalized gift method for small leather goods) on all of our memo pad holders.

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