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Marble Pen Stands

Engraved Marble Pen Stands

Our line of marble desk accessories includes a dozen or more elegant pen stands. Enhance the look of your office and desktop with our engraved desk accessories and pen holders.
White Marble Pen Stand with Silver Pen
Marble Pen Stand with One Pen
Single Pen Stand - Gold on Marble
Amber Marble Single Pen Stand
Amber Marble Single Pen Stand
$31.60 Item# 60190
Cream Marble SIngle Pen Stand
Cream Marble Single Pen Stand
$30.00 Item# 60193
Green Marble Deluxe Pen Stand with Black Funnel and Funnel Pen
Green Marble Deluxe Pen Stand
$38.30 Item# 60641
Green Marble Pen Stand with Gold Golf Clubs Emblem
Black Marble Square Single Pen Stand
Black Marble Square Pen Stand
$31.60 Item# 55326
Green Marble Single Pen Stand
Green Marble Single Pen Stand
$22.50 Item# 64455
Two Pen with Double Eagle
Marble Desk Set - Pen with Eagle
Eagle Marble Pen Desk Set
$88.90 Item# 64925

Double Pen Stands

These double pen stands in marble allow you to have two writing instruments on your desk.

Marble & Crystal - An Impressive Combination for Pen Stands

A marble pen stand begins with a base and can be a simple as having a funnel pen and holder attached. But, Gifts for Professionals most impressive marble pen stands are the ones that also add a crystal piece such as our Marble Pen Stand with Globe (available in two colors).

Three elements make up this marble desk accessory -- a jet black marble base, a crystal globe and the silver or gold writing pen. This combination looks amazing on the desk of any Fortune 500 company CEO. It would also look amazing on your desk. After all, you are going places and marble pen stands & desk accessories and in your office show you have style and exquisite taste.

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