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Marble Paperweights

Engraved Marble Paperweights

Engraved Marble Paperweights make excellent business promotion and corporate recognition awards. Let us add just your logo or your company logo and employee name to any of these Marble Paperweights. Find a wide array of marble paperweights in our collection. Gifts for Professionals offers the finest paperweights formed from marble quarries around the world. We're especially proud of our Jet Black & Amber color paperweights.
Marble Paperweight (Round) - Gold
Round Gold Marble Paperweight
$11.60 Item# 63734
Crown Marble
Marble Paperweight (Round) - Black
Black Round Marble Scales of Justice Paperweight
Black Marble Lawyer Paperweight with Lady Justice
Scales of Justice Lawyer Marble Paperweight
Black Round Army Paperweight
Black Round Marble Marine Corps Paperweight
Lady Justice Square Marble Paperweight
Dental Emblem Round Black Marble Paperweight
Black Marble Square Marine Corps Paperweight
Black Square Coast Guard Marble Paperweight
U.S. Army Black Square Marble Paperweight
Black Marble Paperweight with Air Force Emblem
U.S. Marine Corps Black Marble Paperweight
Marble Pineapple Round Paperweight - Black
Black Star Marble Paperweight
Chisel Edged Paperweight

White Marble Paperweights

Beautiful white marble crafted into round circles, squares and stars and then personalized with your name and the name of your company! Truly remarkable as an engraved award for employee recognition.

Black Marble Paperweights

Our signature jet black marble paperweights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are the preference of executives who love to decorate with marble desk accessories. All are engravable and able to become personalized corporate gifts.

Amber Marble Paperweights

Amber is a rich and lovely color and its hard to find Amber Desk Accessories. Gifts for Professionals is pleased to introduce these Amber Marble Paperweights for your engraved awards.

Green Marble Paperweights

Dark green marble is a color choice for desk accessories when you are looking for a color theme other than black. These Engraved Green Marble Paperweights decorate your desk and keep you organized!

Women's Desk Accessories

Our collection of Women's Desk Accessories includes these marble paperweights with designs every woman can love.

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