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Marble Nameplates

Personalized Marble Nameplates

Marble nameplates are among the most luxurious ways to decorate your office and your desktop. Gifts for Professionals brings you these Marble Nameplates as well as other materials. Also check out our glass namesplates and other desk accessories.
Marble Card Holder with Large Front Area - Marble Card Holder with Large Front Area - Black Marble
Marble Nameplate - 8"
Black Marble Nameplate - 8"
$102.40 Item# 52077
Coast Guard Marble Nameplate with Card Holder
Marble Nameplate with Army Medallion
Marine Corps Marble Nameplate & Card Holder
Navy Marble Nameplate & Card Holder
Rectangle Marble Nameplate  with Card Holder
Air Force Marble Nameplate
Air Force Marble Nameplate
$91.50 Item# 56663
Marine Corps Marble Desk Nameplate
United States Navy Marble Nameplate
U.S. Navy Marble Nameplate
$91.50 Item# 56661
Coast Guard Marble Nameplate
Small Namebar with Card Holder - Amber
Marble Card Holder with Gold Nameplate
Green Marble Nameplate
Green Marble Nameplate
$126.00 Item# 64286
10" Triangle Nameplate - Botticino
U.S. Army Black Marble Desk Nameplate
Green Marble Namebar with Cardholder
Brown and Black Marble Nameplate
Single Pen Stand - Gold on Marble
Amber Marble Nameplate

Marble Nameplates are the Most Exclusive

The most luxurious of all our personalized nameplates are the ones made of marble. Our diamond rotary engraver cuts your name right into the marble and leaves the impression of your name beautifully displayed. The ideal personalized desk accessory!

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