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Marble Desk Accessories

Marble Desk Accessories

Our Engraved Marble Desk Accessories are included in our collection of extraordinary engraved desk accessories from Gifts for Professionals. The solid feel of marble is substantial to the touch and makes a substantial employee recognition award.
Green Marble Picture Frame - Holds 6" x 4" Photo
10" Triangle Nameplate - Botticino
Treasure Box, Swirl Amber Onyx
Amber Marble Treasure Box
$50.30 Item# 64536
Tissue Paper Box - Black
Black Marble Tissue Box
$60.30 Item# 63781

Marble Desk Card Holders

Business card holders shaped from the finest marble quarries around the world in a range of colors! These Marble Desk Accessories conveys elegance to your business associates and clients. The extra special touch of engraving your name directly into the marble card holder makes the presentation even more impressive.

Marble Nameplates

A distinctive marble desk accessory that will be the first thing people will notice upon entering your office. These Engraved Marble Nameplates will be etched with a Rotary Diamond Engraving Machine leaving a beautiful impression of your name and/or business title.

Marble Clocks

A striking variety of different shapes and designs are the hallmark of our Engraved Marble Clock Collection at Gifts for Professionals. Find marble desk accessory timepieces in that shape of pyramids, towers, squares, rectangles and even an apple!

Marble Pyramid Clock

Marble Pyramid Clock
$78.75 - Item# 55337

Pyramid Clock

Pyramid Black Zebra Marble Clock
$66.10 - Item# 55335

Green Square Marble Clock

Green Marble Clock
$91.55 - Item# 55316

Mini Column Clock

Mini Marble Column Clock
$30.65 - Item# 59518

Small Tomb Clock

Marble Arch Clock
$46.50 - Item# 59558

Marble Pen Stands

The Marble Pen Stand Collection at Gifts for Professionals lets you choose from jet black marble, white marble and other amazing colors including rich greens, amber and a beautiful cream color marble that features natural streaks and veins thats a staple of a natural material such as marble. These Marble Desk Accessories come in single & double pen holder designs and they all can become personalized corporate gifts.

Amber Marble Single Pen Stand

Amber Marble Single Pen Stand
$31.60 - Item# 60190

Cream Marble SIngle Pen Stand

Cream Marble Single Pen Stand
$30.00 - Item# 60193

Oval Marble Double Pen Stand

Oval Marble Double Pen Stand
$70.00 - Item# 29833

Marble Letter Openers

The executive that goes with elegant desktop accents will make themselves stand out in an office full of mediocrity. Be known for being fastidious in your personal and professional presentation. The first impression people have of your professionally will be the appearance of your office and using Marble Desk Accessories will surely get you noticed. All of these Marble Letter Openers can be engraved on the handle (blade engraving optional).

Cream Marble Letter Opener In Stock

$22.00 Item# 55303


Jet Black Marble Letter Opener In Stock

$23.00 Item# 55306


Marble Coasters

Marble Drink Coasters not only protect your valuable desk but they convey class and sophistication -- as do all of our marble desk accessories. These marble coasters may be engraved as a single piece or as a coaster set.

Marble Trinket Boxes

Store small items on your desk at the office inside these Marble Trinket Boxes. Keep that desk neat and tidy so when the boss comes by they know you are organized and on top of the situation. Our Trinket Boxes are just some of the many Marble Desk Accessories we can engrave with your logo or personalized inscription.

Marble Sculptures

A marble sculpture adds a new level of elegance to an office. Put any of these sculptures up on your bookcase or behind your desk on the cadenza for a magical look.

Marble Hour Glass Sand Timers

Our favorite Marble Desk Accessory is the hour glass sand timer. Different models have different amounts of sand in each hour glass but they all look incredible as a marble desk accessory. [Hour Glass Sand Timers]

Marble Handle Magnifying Glasses

As the years go by, it may be hard to read the fine print but as part of our Marble Desk Accessory collection we've gathered a few magnifying glasses to help you see it all more clearly!

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