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Marble Coasters

Engraved Marble Coasters

These marble drink coasters are an elegant table or desk accessory that may be engraved or personalized. A conversation starter and a way to protect your sensitive desktop or table surfaces. These engraved marble coasters are just a small sample of our collection. Also see our leather drink coasters and our golf drink coasters.
WHite Marble Coaster
Green Marble Coaster
Black Marble Coaster
Black Marble Block Coaster
Black Marble Block Coaster
$21.00 Item# 61828
Brown Marble Block Coaster
Brown Marble Block Coaster
$21.00 Item# 61824
White Marble Block Coaster
White Marble Block Coaster
$21.00 Item# 61829
Green Marble Coaster Set with Holder
Marble Coaster & Holder
Marble Coaster & Holder
$63.00 Item# 55340
Black Zebra Marble Coasters and Holder

About Our Marble Drink Coasters

At Gifts for Professionals, we have blank marble coasters (suitable to purchase "as-is" or for personalized engraving or corporate imprints) and we have theme coasters that are pre-printed with a variety of themes such as animals or golf.

Sample Engraving on Black Marble Coaster

Sample Engraving on Green Marble Coaster

Personalized Marble Coasters

All we do is engrave your name on 1 single coaster. It's easy to take any of our marble coasters and diamond drag a cutting tool across the surface to make your name show beautifully. A personalized marble coaster could be on your desk soon! Order today!

Marble Golf Coasters

Golf is a great theme for corporate gifts. Our marble golf coasters feature vintage scenes and some of the legends of golf imprinted directly onto the golf coaster.

City Theme Marble Coasters

These Marble Coaster Sets celebrate some of the great cities in the United States and around the globe. As a general rule, these marble coasters cannot be personalized.

Dallas Marble Coaster Set

$46.00 Item# 61220

Louisville Marble Coaster Set

$46.00 Item# 61123

Rome Marble Coasters

$46.00 Item# 61139

The Eternal City is celebrated on this set of four Italian marble coasters with scenes of the Coliseum, the Vatican and other Rome landmarks. These 4x4 coasters are cork-backed for protecting wood surfaces and should be considered an excellent choice among American gifts for foreigners, especially Italians!

Washington DC Marble Coaster Set

$46.00 Item# 61125

Not many Washington DC Gifts showcase the neighborhoods in our nation's capitol -- but this coaster set does! One of the four drink coasters features the names of the most famous neighborhoods including Cleveland Park, Capitol Hill, Georgetown, Mount Pleasant, Dupont Circle and Glove Park.

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