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Marble Card Holders

Marble Card Holders

Marble is one of the most elegant materials from which to craft both awards and unique desk accessories. Our marble business card holders are ideal for any desktop.
Oval Business Card Holder - Green
Lady Justice Marble Business Card Holder
Oval Business Card Holder - Black
Zebra Marble Business Card Mini Clock
Cream Marble Business Card Holder
Small Namebar with Card Holder - Amber
Amber Oval Marble Business Card Holder
Black Veined Marble OvalCard Holder

Cream Colored Marble Business Card Holders

Along with our new Amber color, these year marked the introduction of Cream Colored Marble Card Holders & Desk Accessories. Showcase your business card in this unique color!

Amber Card Holders

Amber desk accessories are a new introduction to Gifts for Professionals. This new color has been incredibly popular for corporate gifts and recognition awards. We invite you to consider these Amber Business Card Holders in Marble as a gift or reward for someone in your office.

White Marble Card Holders

White Marble Business Card Holders designed with the classic vertical card presentation. Our team has also designed some unique business card holders in white marble that allow for Vertical Cards to be presented to customers as they enter your office.

Jet Black Marble Card Holders

The richness of Jet Black Marble on your desk adds elegance. Consider the contrast of Jet Black Marble sitting on a mahogany desk or even a rosewood desk with a glass top. The varying materials will be a masterpiece of office decor. Let us engrave these Marble Card Holders with your name exactly as it should be presented to your clients and associates!

Fleur de Lis Business Card Holder In Stock

$34.50 Item# 58484


Black Marble & Streaks Card Holders

Black Marble Card Holders that feature white streaks! Bring the classic black and white contrast to a marble desk accessory. Gifts for Professionals proudly presents these black business card holders that have naturally occurring white veins or streaks through them just as they do when the marble is quarried out of the Earth.

Marble Business Card Holders for Lawyers

Every lawyer should have a marble desk accessory. If you're favorite attorney doesn't yet have a marble desk accessory or business card holder then consider this ideal corporate gifts. We have a wide variety of marble card holders that feature the Scales of Justice and the Lady Justice emblems. [Justice Lawyer Gifts]

Marble Card Holders for Doctors

Marble Business Card Holders in a variety of colors and shapes that all feature the classic Caduceus emblem that is such a recognized medical symbol around the world. Engrave your doctors name directly onto these incredible marble business card holders. [Doctor Caduceus Gifts]

Amber Marble Vertical Card Holder with Caduceus In Stock

$25.70 Item# 60226


One of the many doctor desk accessories we offer is this vertical card holder. Obviously, finding vertical card holders is a challenge but finding one as beautiful as this Doctor Amber Marble Vertical Card Holder with Caduceus Symbol is truly a challenge! This exclusive design by Gifts for Professionals features a round amber marble base, brass card posts and an alloy medical symbol atop the marble.

Medical Caduceus Deluxe Marble Card Holder

$47.65 Item# 59576


This Medical Caduceus Deluxe Card Holder in Marble is the medical gift idea you have been looking for! Whether you want to give your primary care doctor a thank you gift or the up and coming surgeon a congratulations gift for finishing medical school, this great deluxe card holder features the ever popular medical symbol next to a clock.

Desktop Business Card Holders

Oval Marble Business Card Holder with Caduceus

$26.35 Item# 60232


A sublime gift idea for the doctor, the physician's assistant, the nurse, or anyone who joins the medical professional team leading in health care. Whether you want a gift for the physician or a gift for the entire office staff, consider one of the many doctor desk accessories Gifts for Professionals offers.

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