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Marble Awards

Marble Awards

An elegant marble award will help you recognize achievement and say thank you to your hard working employees. Contact our customer service department if you have any questions about these marble awards for employee recognition occasions. Also shop for crystal awards, years of service awards and lapel pins.
Marble Award Bases
Marble Award Bases
Round, square and oval bases for mounted awards made of marble and other materials.
Marble Circle Awards
Marble Cup Awards
Star Shaped Marble Awards
Large Black Marble Square Base
Zebra Black Triangle Marble Clock
Marble Shield Plaque
Large Prestige Award in Black and White Marble
Large Marble Award
$79.30 Item# 56078
Black and White Marble Prestige Award
Prestige Marble Award
5" Square Black Marble Award Base
Small Square Column

Marble Awards Make Appealing Office Decor

An ordinary wall plaque might showcase a goal achieved but it doesn't add to the ambiance of your office. Having lovely decor is important for executives looking to "make an impression." That's why Marble Awards which generally are desktop accessories might just be the best "dual-funcion" employee gifts!

Standing Marble Plaques with Columns

Marble is a heavy material and therefore going with this material in recognition gifts and awards is already choosing something that is quite impressive. These awards differ from our other standing marble plaques in that they have Columns designed on each side which only adds to the overall prestige of these marble awards.

Standing Glass Plaques with Marble Base

The actual plaque on these recognition awards is made of glass but they stand on a foundation in marble. The combination is very impressive.

How Do We Engrave Marble Recognition Awards?

Engraved marble awards are etched with our rotary engraving machine. Your logo cut into a natural material like marble or stone will leave a lasting impression. It's far more impressive than laser imprinting or screen printing.

Marble Award Clocks

You can see the wide variety of marble award clock designs that begin with our book award. The elegant curves of our marble arch clock provides a lovely timepiece and ample room for an inspirational engraving.

Marble Clock Open Book Award - Medium In Stock

$124.40 Item# 55538


Are there better librarian gifts than those designed in the shape of a book? This book award is crafted from the finest marble -- and therefore the most luxurious engraved awards you can choose for the librarian.

Marble Obelisk Awards

Marble Obelisks begin at the base and as they rise become thinner so the peak of the employee recognition award has a smaller diameter than the larger base. Some marble obelisks have clocks while some leave off the timepiece to provide more room for engraving a company logo.

Marble Stars

The Marble Star Award can be given to your company or divisions "Sales Star" or monthly "Top Producer." There are so many ways to recognize your employees as the stars they are and when you do the company will reap the benefits.

Marble Tombstone Plaques

Never forget the love you have for someone special. Whether a family member or the cherished love of your life, these Marble Plaques designed in the shape of tombstones give you a special way to remember.

Marble Trinket Boxes

Inside the box is plenty of space for the company executive to store small desk accessories, car keys, a wallet or odds and ends ranging from paper clips to rubber bands. On the top can go a special recognition inscription thanking the employee for being among the company's best.

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