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Marble Award Bases

The foremost trendsetter for Employee Recognition Awards is Gifts for Professionals. But don't forget that some recognition awards need to be showcases on just the ideal award base. A Marble Award Base is a exceptional cornerstone to an overall piece. A marble base can be combined with not only marble awards, but also glass and crystal recognition awards.

6" Round Black Marble Award Base In Stock

$25.00 Item# 30879


Any recognition award is accentuated and enhanced when its rests atop a base. Here, we present our 6" Round Marble Base (which we also offer in other sizes too).

Black Marble Oblong Award Base In Stock

$21.40 Item# 59697


With a width of 6" and its oblong shape, this marble piece showcases many of our recognition awards in a unique way. It can make the presentation of corporate achievement all the more impressive. Cut from veined marble, each piece is unique and may feature veining. The "stair-style" edges offers a specialized look not available on most bases.

Oval Green Marble Award Base In Stock

$21.40 Item# 64522


Attractive oval green marble base. Weighs 1.3 pounds.

Black Marble Pyramid Award Base - Small In Stock

$16.90 Item# 57107


Pyramid style black marble award base 3" wide that tapers as it rises 1.5"

Jet Black Marble Award Base - 3" x 2" x 3" In Stock

$33.25 Item# 30885


While this marble square can accentuate many types of gifts, it's especially an impressive base for crystal figurines and sports balls. Measures 3" w x 2" h x 3" d.

Round Green Marble Base - 5" In Stock

$30.00 Item# 63322

This 5" round marble piece is one of three sizes available in this color and style.

5" Round Black Marble Award Base In Stock

$19.60 Item# 30875


5" round base accentuates ornate crystal vases or figurines beautifully. It's one of three sizes in the round black collection with both larger and smaller versions available.

Round Green Marble Base - 6" In Stock

$31.90 Item# 63323

This 6" round marble piece is one of three sizes available in this color and style. It is the largest one available in this color and shape.

5" Square Black Marble Award Base In Stock

$20.80 Item# 63383

5" marble square with tapered edges.

Square Green Marble Award Base 6" In Stock

$15.35 Item# 57188


While its primary purpose is to showcase unique awards that rest atop it, this marble piece could also be used as a standalone paperweight. The rich, dark green coloring is accentuated with the natural veins found in this type of materials and every piece is unique. As one of the larger pieces in the base category, there's ample room for a company logo or a name and date.

Green Marble Award Base - 5" x .75" x 3" In Stock

$19.00 Item# 58639


Rectangular shaped green marble piece with veining. The streaks of white are unique to every piece.

Jet Black Marble Cube Award Base - 3x3x3 In Stock

$39.90 Item# 59568


Marble never goes out of style. When sales performance or other contribution to your company deserves recognition, choose an award with room to engrave the winner's name, date, company name (or logo) and the achievement milestone that was accomplished. This large black marble cube can can showcase many lines of personalization while showcasing hundreds of different awards in our catalog. Contact our customer service department for assistance in choosing the perfect complementary gift.

Genuine Marble Award Base - 9" L In Stock

$24.90 Item# 65906


Cream Marble Award Base with Dip In Stock

$23.80 Item# 55338


Here's a marble base that will hold a round ball. Perfect for round sports balls for athletic accomplishments and team victories. Also showcases our round crystal world globes for corporate leadership that spans the horizon. Dimensions 3.5" wide and 4.5" length. Stands 1.25" tall.

Square Black Marble Award Base - 6" In Stock

$31.95 Item# 57058


A black square with side ridges and hints of white streaks.

Round Green Marble Award Base 4" In Stock

$23.40 Item# 63321

This 4" round marble piece is one of three sizes available in this color and style.

Rectangle Beveled Edge Black Marble Award Base - 8x3.5 In Stock

$28.60 Item# 56864


Rectangle base measures 8" x 3.5" and rises 0.75"

Green Marble Pyramid Award Base - 3" Top In Stock

$43.40 Item# 56960


This is the green marble version of product #57107 (which is black). Pyramid style base measures 3" wide and 3" deep. Narrows as it rises 1.5" high.

Jet Black Marble Base In Stock

$23.10 Item# 54383


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