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Manatee Gifts

The manatee is also known as the sea cow. Born underwater, these bulky creatures are agile swimmers and we honor the manatee on our home decorative accessories and glassware in this category.

Manatee Beer Box Set

$186.90 Item# 66483

One of our luxurious manatee gifts is this beer box set, which contains two (20 ounce) glass pilsners and two (15 ounce) steins. Each is embellished with a fine pewter casting.

Shop for individual beer glasses personalized.

Manatee Bottle Stopper

$32.00 Item# 67798

Cute is the only word that can describe this manatee gift idea. This bottle stopper is made of fine pewter and shows just the head of the manatee, almost like its submerged in water and getting a look around. It comes equipped with a chain attached to a ring which goes around the bottle's neck. Made in USA.

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Manatee Business Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65944


In the face paced business environment of the 21st century, it always fun to bring your own personality into the workplace, where appropriate. This stainless steel card case lets you bring our love for manatees into your professional life with this case adorned with a pewter emblem. The slow moving manatee featured on the outside lid of the case reminds you that no matter how demanding work is, sometimes you should slow down and enjoy yourself!

Other business card cases personalized with various themes.

Manatee Coffee Mug

$28.80 Item# 66972


Manatees like to have fun. Did you know they been seen doing barrel rolls when playing in the surf? For one of the best gifts for manatee lovers, consider this glass engraved gift mug. Ready to have your name or any short message etched into the glass, this 16 ounce coffee mug would look great on your breakfast bar!

Manatee Decanter Gift Set

$244.50 Item# 66702

The marine biologist would be the ideal recipient of this Manatee Gift Set featuring a large liquor decanter and four matching glasses, all adorned with a pewter emblem of this sea mammal.

Manatee Double Old Fashioned Glass

$25.60 Item# 67800


A double old fashioned glass is used to enjoy the finer spirits such as Vodka, Gin, Rum or other adult beverage. For persons who have a home bar and entertain frequently, especially whose residence is the coastal areas, this 14 ounce double old fashioned glass would be a wonderful way to serve your guests.

Manatee Flask

$37.80 Item# 67801


Check out all our engraved flasks celebrating wildlife including other sea creatures like dolphins, bass, salmon, trout and whales.

Manatee Gift Mug Blue

$28.80 Item# 66974

The blue ceramic mug features a color reminiscent of the color of the ocean. The pewter emblem of the manatee seems right at home of this larger 15 ounce coffee mug.

One of our manatee gifts ready for serving and then safe for use in the dishwasher. Easy to use!

Manatee Gift Mug Green

$28.80 Item# 66973

Another of our popular gifts for manatee lovers, this ceramic mug is green but otherwise identical to our cobalt blue coffee mug.

Manatee Keychain

$14.10 Item# 67344

Manatees often travel either alone or with another companion. Rarely are they found in large groups. This pewter keychain captures the reality of their behavior by featuring a pair of manatees ready to travel with you on your car key ring!

See more of our nautical themed keychains.

Manatee Money Clip

$32.00 Item# 66591


Here's one of our male oriented gifts for manatee lovers. This money clip is made with super spring steel. It will hold one bill or a giant stack! Comes with a velour hinged gift box. Made in USA.

Manatee Ornament

$19.85 Item# 66377

The Christmas Tree is the central part of home decorations in December. Christmas ornaments that you place on the tree should show your hobbies or things you love. Themed ornaments are more popular than ever. This one featuring the "sea cow" is going to be great as one of the gifts for manatee lovers you give this season.

Manatee Square Shot Glass

$13.45 Item# 67803


Purchase just one of these manatee shot glasses or buy an entire set of four, six or eight of them to use at social gatherings you host at your home or business location.

This 1.5 ounce square shot glass is highlighted with a fine pewter casting. Made in USA. Look at all of our personalized shot glasses.

Manatee Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 67797


Save money on your search for manatee gifts when you go with our least expensive option -- this stainless steel bottle opener. To make it extra special, personalize it!

Manatee Wine Chiller

$56.35 Item# 67245

When a friend or neighbor buys a new home and moves in, wine gifts are a fashionable choice as a housewarming gift.
Presenting our double-wall insulated stainless steel wine chiller..... One of our newest manatee gifts in 2016.

Mantee Glass Liquor Decanter

$84.50 Item# 67799


This 24 ounce glass decanter is embellished with a fine pewter casting. Be sure to match it with some of our Double Old Fashioned glasses. A great addition to any home bar!

Find more nautical theme Glass Decanters for Liquor and other themes like collegiate and military. You'll find a glass liquor decanter for anyone's personality at Gifts for Professionals.

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