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Luxury Desk Accessories

Luxury Desk Accessories

Silver Colored Brass Magnifier
Giant Silver Magnifying Glass
$58.65 Item# 64765
Breeze Beige Italian Patent Leather Letter Holder
Brown Crocodile Embossed Business Card Holder
Brown Crocodile Embossed Leather Letter Tray
Castlerock Gray Italian Patent Leather Business Card Holder
Castlerock Gray Italian Patent Leather Letter Holder
Cognac Brown Italian Patent Leather 4x6 Memo Holder
Cognac Brown Italian Patent Leather Business Card Holder
Cognac Brown Italian Patent Leather Letter Holder
Cognac Brown Italian Patent Leather Letter Tray
Cognac Brown Italian Patent Leather Pencil Cup

Luxury Desk Frames

Luxury desk frames in leather and crystal will add a unique piece to your desktop. Men generally prefer our leather frames while women gravitate towards the allure of crystal. We have both types of high end frames for you and both types may be personalized.

Luxury Desk Trays

Desk accessories are generally the same whether you choose the high end type or the more budget, low cost items you see on everyone's desk at any office in America. What sets corporate men and women apart is having style not only in your personal presentation (wardrobe) but bringing that style onto the desk. Even how you store a stack of folders or papers on your desk will say a lot about you. Our luxury letter trays help you stay organized without sacrificing one bit of elegance.

Luxury Desk Sets

Desk sets can be as simple as 3-matching pieces and grow in size all the way up a 12-piece set that includes everything such as the desk pad, letter tray, letter holder, letter opener, pen and pencil cup, clock, paperweight and mousepad. Luxury doesn't have to be the biggest set but our top of the line, all-inclusive desk sets set the standard in luxury on the desktop.

Luxury Desk Coasters

Luxury Desk Storage

Luxury Letter Holders

Don't even think of using an acrylic, plastic or even a metal letter holder. You want to have a desktop mail organizer that doesn't distract from your luxurious decor pieces around you office. To accomplish this, every single desk accessory must be to the highest standard.

Luxury Presentation

Luxurious 3 ring binders and folders let you take your presentation you've diligently prepared for weeks and walk into the conference room with confidence as you hand it to the President and Board of Directors.

Luxury Waste Paper Baskets.

A leather trash can is a high end desk companion for the upscale executive office.

Mouse Pads

Go into any office supply store and you'll find the most average, run-of-the-mill desk mouse pads. Many are screen printed with images that shouldn't be on the desktop of a gentleman or lady. For your standards, only consider a leather mouse pad to join its place with your other luxury desk accessories.

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