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Lighthouse Gifts

Gifts for Professionals brings you thousands of gift ideas. We've got every theme covered. Here's our selection of Lighthouse Gifts Ideas for fans of America's great lights.

Personalized Lighthouse Keychain In Stock

$14.10 Item# 62922


The Lighthouse has a special place in nautical history. Now the classic lighthouse design is captured perfectly by our artists who designed this 3" keyring. It is shaped just like most of the lights that were built on the eastern seaboard in prior decades and centuries.

Lighthouse Achievement Award In Stock

$146.30 Item# 61589


Have you considered having your friend's favorite poem about the ocean captured in a find engravable award featuring a lighthouse? What about an award for the team who has restored your local lighthouse? Have you considered using a "Beacon of Hope" award? Whatever reason you might want a lighthouse award, you have certainly found the stunning award with plenty of room to engrave a message!

Optical Crystal Lighthouse Recogntion Award In Stock

$217.00 Item# 31084


If your non-profit organization offers a "Beacon of Light" award to the member who donates the most community service hours, this is the award made especially for you. What a beauty! This crystal beacon lighthouse is new in our collection and already becoming a popular award. When you are tired of the same old pyramids awards, square awards, etc, use your imagination and find a way to incorporate this light house into a beacon giver award program. Not only with this look wonderful in an office, your recipients would be proud to have this in their homes as well!

After considering this lighthouse gift, be sure to check out all our Engraved Crystal Recognition Awards

Lighthouse Stein In Stock

$31.40 Item# 40261


Our Glass Lighthouse Stein holds 16 oz. of your favorite beer or other beverage. Gifts for Professionals proudly presents this Lighthouse Stein ready to be engraved for the lighthouse lover! This Stein is made of glass and pewter. It's safe to put in both the dishwasher or the microwave! One of many glass steins, you'll enjoy shopping for more Engraved Beer Glasses & Steins!

Lighthouse Key Ring - Nautical Theme

$6.15 Item# 53879

Affordable and portable, this cream color keychain has blue accents and rhinestones.

Spirit Rock Lighthouse

$329.20 Item# 70968


Lighthouse Coffee Mug

$28.80 Item# 66949


Coffee mugs are the #1 selling personalized lighthouse gifts. The only decision you have to make when searching for lighthouse mugs is whether to go with a glass one or a ceramic mug. If you want it personalized, go with this glass lighthouse coffee mug.

More personalized mugs

Lighthouse Coffee Mug - Cobalt Blue

$28.80 Item# 66950

This 15 ounce ceramic coffee mug is decorated with a fine pewter casting. It is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Lighthouse Theme Glass Pitcher

$46.10 Item# 68273

Lighthouse Wine Gifts

Lighthouse gifts for your more cultured friends. Present one of these wine lover accessories next time you visit for a gathering or celebration and their gratitude will be effusive.

Lighthouse Wine Chiller

$56.35 Item# 67240

This double-wall insulated stainless steel wine chiller features a fine pewter logo medallion bonded to the front.

Lighthouse Theme Bottle Stopper

$26.05 Item# 40241


While the shores of the United States once contained over 1,000 lighthouses, that number is estimated today to be several hundred. For the person who feels nostalgic about these historic structures, this wine bottle stopper is a great lighthouse gift idea.

Lighthouse Bottle Stopper

$34.60 Item# 41481


Many are fascinated by old lighthouses. Both men and women who share this fascination love to tour lights at any opportunity. If you know someone with this interest, then pickup this Lighthouse Bottle Stopper and keep it handy for your next gift-giving occasion.

And see our other personalized bottle stoppers for your consideration.

Lighthouse Coasters

Coasters are one of our flexible lighthouse gift ideas. Because you can buy only 1 or you can buy more and create an entire set of six, four or even either. If you need personalized coasters, check out that department for lots of options.

Set of Four Round "Jupiter Inlet Florida" Lighthouse Coasters

$24.75 Item# 27026

If you're shopping for gifts for lighthouse lovers who live in Florida, this set of coasters showcasing the Jupiter Inlet Light is the gift you've been looking for!

Set of Four Round "Pensacola" Lighthouse Coasters

$24.75 Item# 27021

It's a 177 step climb to the top of Pensacola Lighthouse but its worth it at the top where you'll enjoy a stunning view of the Gulf Coast of Florida. If you can't make the climb, you can at least enjoy these nautical coasters which celebrate the 156 year old lighthouse.

Lighthouse Letter Openers

Lighthouse Letter Opener with Jet Black Handle In Stock

$20.90 Item# 63088


Lighthouse gifts such as letter openers and desk accessories can be displayed in the office, as well as in the home. Although the lighthouse was once a critical navigational tool, it has fallen out of favor over the decades and they now serve as historical tourist attractions. Perhaps, in the same way, as we shift to digital communications, letter openers may one day fall out of use. Until then, when you need this desktop tool, choose one that showcases your love of America's lights!

One of our newest marble lighthouse gift ideas! Also, see more of our marble letter openers.

Green Marble Letter Opener with Lighthouse In Stock

$21.05 Item# 63096


Take a trip to the shore and experience nostalgia for the past when seeing a lighthouse towering above the coastline. Once a critical component is safe sailing, America's lighthouses now welcome tourists interested in maritime history. The past can teach us so much!

The designers of our desk accessories created this marble letter opener in green to compliment the most elegant office environments. Engraving is available on the handle of either your name or corporate logo. So, as one of our most professional looking lighthouse gifts, this can be given by any small business or Fortune 500 company to employees or vendors.

Lighthouse Letter Opener with Amber Handle In Stock

$23.30 Item# 63091


Personalized lighthouse gifts are rarely this refined and gracious. Amber marble letter opener features a gold tone lighthouse emblem and a gold blade for opening those envelopes easily. Opening bills, bank statements and letters has never been so simple.

Lighthouse Letter Opener In Stock

$18.65 Item# 62794


While the lighthouse may be a beacon in the storm, this handy Lighthouse Letter Opener is sure to be a beacon in sorting your mail, opening it and keeping the desk looking stylish!

This nickel plate shiny tarnish proof letter opener features a choice of a silver lighthouse against the silver background or a gold lighthouse against the gold background.

Each letter opener can be engraved with initials on the back of the over or a short name. A rare gold and silver color tone combo for our lighthouse gift ideas!

Lighthouse Pencil Cup In Stock

$12.45 Item# 63875


Looking for a desk accessory that expresses your love of lighthouses but fits into your office decor? This desk pen holder features a brushes silver curved pen stand along with a zinc alloy lighthouse emblem centered on it. The lighthouse pen holder has a slightly weighted bottom to assure it stands upright on the desk.

More engraved pen stands.

Lighthouse Gift Sets

We call these luxury lighthouse gift ideas. Save these for those special occasions when you need to present something more than a small keepsake.

Lighthouse Beer Box Set

$186.90 Item# 66477

One reasons lighthouses may be so popular is their location. Everyone enjoys a trip to the seashore. So the sound of the waves crashing and seagulls calling puts our minds at ease. It's a perfect mindset for contemplating the sailing history off or favorite beach. For someone who loves to think about such things, lighthouse gifts are a good choice on a birthday or noteworthy event. When cost isn't a consideration, this pair of pilsners and a pair of steins make up this beer box set.

Lighthouse Decanter Gift Set

$244.50 Item# 66695

Ship traffic was at its heaviest in the late 1800s. At that time, the lighthouse was something all sailors kept watch for to insure safety as the boat approached the shoreline. Today lighthouse gifts are given to those family, friends or co-workers who enjoy going off to see these structures on weekends or vacations.

This chest boxed set contains one 24 ounce glass decanter and four (14 ounce) double old fashioned glasses. Each is embellished with a fine pewter casting.

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