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Letter Openers

Personalized Letter Openers

When you are looking for a wonderful gift for employees, a special customer thank you gift or even a business associate birthday gift, a Letter Opener combines the traditional gift with the modern-day wide selection ranging from letter openers with magnifying glasses on them to the classic letter opener etched with your company's logo. Letter openers continue to be a popular unisex gift and assure that even when you are opening a bill, you can do it in style and elegance! Find the best letter openers and desk accessories with Gifts for Professionals.
Brass Letter Openers
Brass Letter Openers
An engraved brass letter opener makes a stellar corporate gift idea. A good starting point for building your collection of brass desk accessories.
Crystal Letter Openers
Crystal Letter Openers
An exquisite choice for opening the days mail, any of our personalized letter openers with crystal handle will make a great corporate gift.
Lawyer Letter Openers
Lawyer Letter Openers
Metal letter openers adorned with the symbols of the law profession -- The Lady Justice & Scales of Justice.
Leather Letter Openers
Leather Letter Openers
A great combination of materials. Hold a leather handle and guide the metal blade to open your mail in style.
Letter Openers for Men
Letter Openers for Women
Marble Letter Openers
Marble Letter Openers
Black, cream and amber marbles are shaped into the perfect rectangular handle on these personalized letter openers.
Metal Letter Openers
Metal Letter Openers
Zinc alloy, pewter and other metals are fashioned into attractive letter openers for your desktop. Several theme designs are available.

Engraved Brass Letter Openers

Gifts for Professionals offers letter openers that may be personalized at the time of checking out in our secure online shopping cart. We personalize our letter openers by either engraving the metal blade or by either engraving the handle. These brass letter openers go well at any corporate establishment.

Engraved Crystal Letter Openers

When you want the finest engraved letter opener you will choose one crafted in high quality crystal. Gifts for Professionals brings you many Crystal Desk Accessories to choose from including these crystal letter openers.

Debossed Leather Letter Openers

All letter opener blades are made of a metal allow but the handles come in all types of material. For a leather letter openers, we Deboss / Hot Stamp initials or a first name. A personalized letter opener in beautiful leather is a corporate gift that will never be forgotten.

Engraved Marble Letter Openers

Marble and metal look amazing in a desk accessory. Our rectangle shaped marble letter opener handles are combined with metal blades that seamlessly open even envelope after envelope to help you process today's mail quickly and efficiently. These are personalized on the handle with a Rotary Engraving Process.

Nautical Theme Letter Openers

Letter openers that feature a ship's wheel design or emblem as well as mermaids, ships and other nautical themes.

Sports Theme Letter Openers

Give a letter opener with a sports theme to your boss or coworkers. They may work hard all week at the office and then take that energy and enthusiasm to the golf course or tennis course on the weekend. These personalized letter openers are for them! Engraving for these is usually done on the blade. [Sports Gifts]

Occupation Theme Letter Openers for Lawyers

At Gifts for Professionals we specialize in theme gifts for more than 100 occupation. Our most popular professional gifts and awards are for the lawyers. We are pleased to offer several legal theme letter openers including glass and marble handle openers with the Scales of Justice or Lady Justice symbol. These are just a few of our corporate lawyer gift ideas for your review.

Fleur de Lis Card Holders

Find a card holder bearing the emblem of the Fleur de Lis to go along with your Fleur Letter Opener!

Fleur de Lis Paperweights

Marble paperweights become so much more when adorned with the iconic Fleur de Lis Symbol!

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