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Leather Pen Stands

Leather Pen Stands

The desk accessories from Gifts for Professionals can be corporate gifts, recognition awards or personal tokens of appreciation between coworkers, friends or family. Our leather pen stands can be personalized for an extra special gift.
Cowhide Leather Pen & Pencil Cup
Blue Marbleized Leather Gift Set
Black SIngle Pen Stand (Gold)
Double Pen Stand - Black Leather
Black Leather Double Pen Stand
$120.85 Item# 61962
Black Leather Single Pen Stand
Burgundy & Black Leather Pencil Cup

Personalized Pen Stands

Everyone loves pens and desk accessories to be personalized! It's a staple in high end executive offices. So just how do we personalize a leather pen stand? We do it with the Hot Stamping Process -- also called debossing.

More Desk Pen Stands

Leather pen stands are just the beginning of our desk accessories designed to hold your fine writing instrument and keep it always handy! Always be prepared to grab that pen and sign your authorization with these desk pen stands from Gifts for Professionals.

Leather Desk Accessories

These leather pen stands are just the beginning of our collection of leather desk accessories. Go with all leather accessories in your office and decorate with style!

Leather Note Jotters & Memo Pad Holders

These note holders are meant for the on-the-go executive who keeps these handy pads with them in their briefcase or car. While they certainly can be used in the office, we have dedicated desktop memo pad holders for that purpose. These note holders contain a pen and paper and are designed in stylish leather.

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