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Leather Duffel Bags

Leather Duffel Bags

Harness Cowhide Leather Duffel Bag w/Large Ergonomic Shoulder Strap
Cowhide Leather Duffel Bag
$394.65 Item# 62164
Distressed Leather Duffel
Distressed Leather Duffel Bag
$432.00 Item# 55493
Distressed Leather Getaway Duffel
Distressed Leather Overnight Travel Duffel
Vaqueta Cabin Duffel Bag
Leather Sport Duffel Bag
Leather Duffel Bag
$443.10 Item# 51604
Black Full Grain Leather Duffle
Sturdy Leather Duffel and Sports Bag
Canvas Duffel Bag w/ Leather Trim
Rolling Leather Duffel Bag
Rolling Leather Duffel Bag
$781.80 Item# 64520

Shop for Wheeled Duffel Bags for Easy Transport

Take your clothes and accessories with you easier with our wheeled duffel bags! These overnight bags sport as a feature a pair of wheels and a telescoping handle. When you need a grab-and-go solution for overnight trips with friends or business associates, a wheeled duffel bag is the way to go!

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