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Leadership Awards

Leadership Awards

At Gifts for Professionals we know the value of leadership. In any organization, a Leader is someone who can motivate others and show them the way to success. Sometimes there are leaders to reward and sometimes there are "tomorrow's leaders" that need to be groomed and rewarded. In either case, Gifts for Professionals has a variety of engraved and personalized corporate leadership awards.
Monkey Business Award
Monkey Business Award
$44.15 Item# 64470
Thinking Outside the Box Corporate Award
Abstract Meditation Sculpture
Meditation Sculpture Award
$51.25 Item# 64231
Crystal Microphone
Elevated Crystal Microphone
$89.95 Item# 66149
Art Sculpture Triangle Blue and Green Award
Diamond Twist Art Glass
Peak Iceberg-Clear Edge
Crystal Hands Holding Globe
Garland - 8" Bowl
Executive Four Piller Rosewood
Scales of Justice Large Wall Plaque
In Honor of Excellence Employee Award Keychain
Victory - 13.5" - Mercury Series
Fan Shaped Jade Glass Award with Decorative Accents
13.25" Black/Gold Curved Art Glass
12" Raised Arms Art Glass Award
Optimism Award
Optical Crystal Freestanding Wedge
Leadership Award Pin
Leadership Award Pin
$4.75 Item# 55080
6" Paul Revere Silver Bowl

Recognize Your Employees with Leadership Skills

Today's most talented and organized workers are tomorrow's managers and leaders. Begin now to recognize the leadership ability of your staff by giving them special projects and using employee recognition to reward and publicly admire their efforts. It will instill confidence and grow their ability to lead. Tomorrow will be here quicker than you think and you can have tomorrow's leaders ready to step up to the challenge with our Leadership Awards, Recognition Gifts, and Plaques that motivate employees and build a spirit of teamwork!

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