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Lawyer Pen Stands

Lawyer Pen Stands

Justice is at hand! At least it is within reach when you place on of these lawyer pen stands on the desktop!
Green Marble Pen Stand with Gold Scales of Justice
Crystal Pen Stand with Lady Justice
Gold Scales of Justice Lawyer Desktop Pen Set
Lady Justice Lawyer's Jade Glass Double Pen Set
Scales of Justice Round Single Marble Pen Stand in Silver
Scales of Justice Lawyer Crystal Pen Stand
Crystal Pen Stand for Lawyer
$50.15 Item# 59438
Lady Justice Marble Double Pen Stand
Scales of Justice Lawyer Marble Pen Stand
Silver Scales of Justice Marble Double Pen Stand
Lawyer's Cream Marble Single Pen Stand with Scales of Justice
Lawyer's Pen Stand and Card Case Scales of Justice Desk Set
Lawyer's Scales of Justice Amber Marble Single Pen Stand
Scales of Justice Single Marble Pen Stand

Pen Stands are Great Lawyer Gift Ideas

Pen stands join paperweights, clocks, and bookends as another lawyer gift idea to use personally to improve your image or to be given as a business gift.

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