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Lawyer Coasters

Two types of lawyer coasters are available at Gifts for Professionals -- the single coaster or the coaster set. The single attorney coaster allows you to purchase just one drink coaster with its protective nature for any desktop. A set of coasters is more appropriate as a law school graduation gift.

Black Leather Lawyer Coaster In Stock

$5.15 Item# 64208


A single leather coaster in a great lawyer theme, this Black Leather Lawyer Coaster is a sure to please gift for the giver and the receiver!

Made of fine soft leather, it has the ever-recognizable scales of justice atop the coaster. Sure to please and sure to fit that tight budget!

Also available in brown - simply note it in the comment section for the brown alternative!

Leather Coasters

Coaster with Gavel Medallion Insert In Stock

$17.00 Item# 56025

Lawyer drink coasters are a significant part of our Lawyer Gifts Catalog! This brass and leather coaster features a GAVEL in the center. Protect your desk and promote the rule of law!

Lawyer Scales of Justice Desk Coasters In Stock

$21.00 Item# 64193


This bright gold scales of justice says it all in the lawyer's office. An affordable gift for the lawyer's desktop or conference room, this set of four simulated leather coasters assures your favorite lawyer doesn't ruin that stunning desk with rings of water spots while also advertising his or her quest for justice.

This set of four black coasters includes a fitted coaster holder that can store the Set of Scales of Justice Coasters when they are not in use. A great gift for attorneys to send to their top clients when a law firm name is added under the scales of justice logo.

Take a few moments to find the best lawyer gifts at affordable prices when shopping for lawyer and paralegal gift ideas with Gifts for Professionals... your one stop shopping center all year long!

Scales of Justice Marble Coaster In Stock

$10.60 Item# 64283


Do you know a lawyer who has a boardroom just ready for some added flair of Scales of Justice Marble Coasters in stunning black marble with veining and spotting of white marble to add a depth to the coaster.

These lawyer coasters are available as a single purchase blank or, if purchasing 12 or more, at a discounted price. Consider getting them blank or adding your own law firm name to the bottom under the scales for that added look and personal touch.

These law themed drink coasters measure 4" around and have a dip in the center to assure an water doesn't drip off as well as a lip around the edges for design and function.

Marble Coasters

Drink Coaster featuring Lady Justice Insert

$18.75 Item# 56026

The Lady Justice Brass & Leather Drink Coaster features a Lady Justice insert showing the sword and scales of justice in her hand. This is a unique pose for the iconic Lady Justice who is normally portrayed with sword upheld high.

Scales of Justice Coaster Set of 4

$46.00 Item# 65089

Great for the lobby of your law office or the office of the senior partner, this set of four Stoneware Scales of Justice Coasters offer a great way to advertise your profession while giving your clients an easy place to rest that cup of coffee or water.

Perfect to give the lawyer boss on bosses day or for the family member graduating from law school, this attractive set of coasters says you are all about justice!

The Best Lawyer Gifts

A Scales of Justice Drink Coaster is a desk gift for all types of lawyers. Whether the legal professional is a real estate attorney, defense attorney or prosecutor -- they will love these personalized gifts. Find other lawyer gifts that will decorate the law firm or even the home of your favorite attorney.

Shop for Personalized Coasters for Everyone!

The idea of a personalized coaster gift for recognition or thank you gestures is popular in the new millennium. See our entire line of personalized coasters for other professionals or find blank ones to give on a personal occasion.

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