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Lawyer Clocks

A clock collection for lawyers that is unrivaled! You'll see below that we offer so many different styles of clocks decorated with legal themed emblems.

Scales of Justice Silver Alarm Clock In Stock

$39.40 Item# 60163


Silver Lawyer Clocks are rare and we think this model is a truly great find. This one is a 6" tall alarm clock that can be used at home or at the office.

Scales of Justice and Gavel Lawyer Miniature Clock In Stock

$43.75 Item# 59756


Many professions are honored by our Miniature Clocks. The designs recognize occupations in many different fields of study. This stunning timepiece is designed with a Scales of Justice set and gavel.

Pinnacle of Achievement Scales of Justice Attorney Clock In Stock

$83.75 Item# 62549


Customers have ranked this lawyer clock as the most attractive timepiece in the collection. Named the Pinnacle of Achievement Scales of Justice Clock, this can be given as a law school graduation gift or anytime during the lawyer's career.

Marble Clocks

Mahogany Arch Scales of Justice Desktop Clock In Stock

$62.00 Item# 59718


Mahogany is a material that looks rich. Often you'll find mahogany desks in a lawyer's office. Add a matching desk accessory when you go with this Scales of Justice Lawyer Clock. Everyone who visits the law office for consultation will comment on the beauty of this piece.

Scales of Justice Marble Arch Clock

$51.45 Item# 59560


Timepieces became small enough to become one of the the desk accessories in your office in the 20th Century. Now that we are in the new millennium, just having a standard clock on your desk isn't enough. To demonstrate the prestige of your firm, choose a lawyer clock decorated with the Scales of Justice!

Lawyer Scales of Justice Wall Clock

$49.70 Item# 69460


Decorate the waiting room of your law office with this wall clock. This is one of the rare models for mounting on the wall we offer at Gifts for Professionals.

Scales of Justice Obelisk Marble Tower Clock

$57.25 Item# 59579


This Scales of Justice clock can be given to a new paralegal to welcome them to the firm. It could just as easily be given to the retiring senior partner who's worked for decades defending clients.

Scales of Justice Black Marble Clock

$44.90 Item# 59559


Look closer at this desktop clock! It's obviously a great lawyer gift idea with the gold scale of justice emblem to match the clock rim. But it's also ready to become personalized by engraving a name near the bottom edge of the timepiece.

Brass Scales of Justice Desktop Clock

$53.60 Item# 59858


Lawyer Clocks generally feature two different designs. Either a Lady Justice of the Scales of Justice are typically part of any lawyer clock. This Brass Clock features a gold-tone Scales of Justice Emblem. Standing 5.5" tall, this clock's black face makes it really easy to see what time it is, even from across the conference room!

More Personalized Lawyer Gifts

Find lawyer gifts for the desk that go along with our beautiful collection of clocks! Photo frames, drink coasters, and Lady Justice Figurines are some of the wonderful personalized lawyer gifts we're offering right now!

Clocks Available for Everyone!

All of our lawyer clocks are available as stand-alone timepieces without the legal ornaments for corporate gift giving outside the law profession. Any professional would love to have our fine timepieces as a decorative accessory. See these personalized clocks available in marble, crystal, and glass.

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