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Key Awards

Sometimes, the real key to success is having the perfect award when it’s time to honor an employee or volunteer who excels. Perhaps that award might actually be a Key Award and Gifts for Professionals invites you to browse awards for that key individual. Perhaps, after browsing Key Awards, you will find that the real key to great awards and recognition gifts is Gifts for Professionals!

Optical Cut Crystal Key Award In Stock

$74.90 Item# 68626


A Key Shaped Award is versatile. Many city governments award a Key to the City for honorary members of the community. The Key Award also is popular in the home building and real estate sales industries. Once the Key Award is the shape decided upon for employee recognition, then you must decide on the material. While there are lots of options, Crystal is the most elegant and must luxurious material when searching for a Engraved Key Award. This 6" crystal key can accommodate a logo and personalized text.

Engraved Crystal Awards

Stunning Crystal Key

$59.95 Item# 62622


This Stunning Crystal Key is sure to fit the heart of any award winner and is such a special award for the Real Estate Agent of the Year, the Construction Company, the City or State Governments, and so much more!

Whether you want to present a key that expresses thanks for those who serve the city, or a key to the hearts of the volunteers who serve, this crystal key is sure to fit any occasion. An old fashion skeleton key shape, this item can be engraved longways on the length of it, or at the top on the circular part.

Personalization makes this gift a perfect and perfectly personal way to say congratulations!

Key Plaque Award

$119.95 Item# 68649


Stone Resin Key Recognition Award

$29.65 Item# 68627


First introduced in last year's new recognition awards, this Stone Resin Key is a popular option for key shaped awards. The homebuilder can use make it into one of the key shaped promotional items to promote their new subdivision development. There are so many ways to put this Key Award to use in your organization!

Crystal Key Award

$165.30 Item# 60810


It's just the key to successful gift giving and recognition gift ideas! This amazing Crystal Key Award is sure to unlock your frustration against difficult award choices! This crystal award on base features an outline of a key is perfect for a car dealership wanting a salesman of the year award, a realtor of the year award, or a contractor of the year award. Often used as a commemorative "Key to the City" award too! Certainly, the "Key Club" might want this organization or other groups looking for the keys to successful award choices!

Key Award Rosewood Plaque

$137.25 Item# 64360


This award is certainly given as a key to the city award but also makes a wonderful retiring principal award for symbolizing knowledge, a perfect "Key Team Member" award for staff, a construction award, a real estate award for real estate agent of the year and the myriad of other ways you think this key is your key to great awards!

This key award is going to unlock the perfect solution to your dilemma when you just can't find the perfect award... the key to your dilemma is, well, a key!

And remember, the word "Key to the City" is NOT on this award. This is an option that can be added. The key plate can be larger than what is shown if you need a longer plate to add engraving. Plate under the key can be up to 5" L and 2" H leaving plenty of room for your keynote message!

Rosewood Plaques

Key Gift Mug

$13.50 Item# 68628

More About Key Awards

From a key to success award for a future leader to a key to the city for a visiting dignitary, Gifts for Professionals holds the key to unlocking the best award and recognition gifts in the awards industry. The growing array of awards we offer include some fun key awards that are sure to open the door to treasured awards. Perhaps you need to honor a successful real estate agent... why not offer an award with a key on it? How about an award for the key employee in your organization... a key award is certainly the perfect way to congratulate a great leader! How about key initiative awards, car dealer awards, new home or office awards and so much more. If you want to find the perfect key, browse among the Gifts for Professionals awards with key themes. If you don’t find it, why not check with our helpful representatives... definitely our key to success!

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