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Personalized Heart Keychains

Our Personalized Heart Keychains are perfect as a personalized gift for someone you care about. These keychains also make excellent corporate gifts, tradeshow giveaways or promotional items.

Let us engraved a name, a special anniversary date or both his and her names! These heart key holders are part of our growing collection of engraved keychains from Gifts for Professionals.

Heart Zinc Alloy Keychain In Stock

$5.00 Item# 62331


Heart Shape Keychain in silver with red accents on the hinge.

Personalized Heart Keychains.

Curved Engraved Heart Keyring In Stock

$8.75 Item# 52054


Keep your heart close to those you love at all times with this special curved heart keyring. It offers a larger area to place a name or message and a small area to place a date or initials. Also consider adding a phone number to the small plate since adding your phone numbers allows someone to call you if you lose your keys!

Personalized Full Color Heart Keychain In Stock

$7.80 Item# 43450


When you are looking to give a personalized heart keychain to the one you love, then this is the perfect choice! Engrave the back of this full heart keychain with a name or initials to make this a great gift idea.

Personalized Heart Keychain for Couples In Stock

$12.95 Item# 52165


We have many gift ideas for this U-Shaped Heart Keychain which comes with screw on both ends. Teenagers could give it to their girlfriend or a man who's been happily married for decades could give it to his wife on their next wedding anniversary. There are countless ways to give this Personalized Heart Keychain and many occasions throughout the year where it is appropriate!

Cupid's Heart Key Ring In Stock

$9.50 Item# 63866


With many personalized heart keychains to choose from, this one deserves special consideration. It's made to remind you each day of your beloved whether you engrave it with a sweet message or simply leave it in its stunning silver brilliance!

Engraved Heart Shaped Locket Keychain In Stock

$22.40 Item# 42976


Carry your love close to your heart and hands with this locket that stores that special someone's picture. A sweet gift idea for the new mother or a classic gift idea for Valentine's Day, this heart locket key ring assures you don't wear your heart on your sleeve but you carry it with your keys!

In addition to our personalized heart keychains, also consider our range of other Heart Shaped Gifts.

Heart & Key Eye Glass Repair and Key Ring In Stock

$8.40 Item# 64900

This Key to Your Heart Key Ring has a an extra special touch for the person who likes having a handy tool kit around. Perfect for those small screws that have to be removed from clocks and watches.

Outlined Metal Heart Keychain

$16.15 Item# 43123


Gifts for Professionals presents this lovely heart keychain suitable for two types of occasions. The first is purely personal. It’s a gift occasion between a couple. This engraved heart keychain can be given to the one you love as a symbol of your affection. Consider engraving both your names or initials and perhaps the day of your first date directly on this metal heart keychain.

Another occasion where this Engraved Heart Keychain would be appropriate is a more professional situation. This heart keychain may also serve as a corporate gift for healthcare workers, Hospice staff or anyone who's job entails caring for others.

Heart Shaped Personalized Keychain

$7.45 Item# 51879


Gifts for Professionals specializes in engraved gifts for corporate recognition and for personal occasions. When you want to "recognize someone you love," this brass keychain in the shape of a heart is the way to go!

This personalized heart keychain made of brass is one of the most romantic gifts in our collection.

Heart with Arrow Keychain

$14.10 Item# 67336


One of the few heart and arrow keychains in our collection, this one is made of fine pewter. An engraving tag can be added to the keyring.

Metal Split Heart Keychain

$12.95 Item# 40754


Husbands and boyfriends can give half heart keychains like this one to their wives or girlfriends as a safety measure! It allows them to safely hand off one key (to a parking valet for example) while retaining house keys with them at all times.

More Personalized Keychains

Personalized Heart Keychain are among our most popular gift ideas for special occasions. But we have several other types of engraved keychains for you!

Other Heart Gifts

Heart shaped gifts are wonderful on Valentine's Day, your anniversary or any day you want to show that special someone how much you care. Make it an Engraved Heart Gift and its even more special!

How to Make a Beautiful Engraving

Heart keychains can be a small token of your affection. A romantic reminder of the special relationship between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. At Gifts for Professionals we love engraving these Heart Keychains for your special occasions. Names are always a great thing to engrave. Perhaps both of your first names and a date to commemorate your first meeting, engagement or marriage. When searching our heart keychains consider the imprint limit on each one. Remember if you choose to engrave a phrase, that the text becomes smaller on the keychain as its length increases. You don't want to choose a phrase that is too long to engrave. Personalized Heart Keychains are a wonderful sentiment. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about the length of inscription on these gifts or any of our personalized keychains.

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