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Golf Drink Coasters

The legends of yesteryear come alive on your desktop with our series of vintage golf drink coasters from Gifts for Professionals. The golf coaster series includes some vintage scenes on marble coasters (and other materials). The highlight of our golf coasters are the ones featuring the golf legends like Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones and Jack Nicklaus. When playing a round of 18 holes is out of the questions because you are needed back at the office, keep your love of the game top of mind with these individual and assorted sets of golf coasters.

Golf theme merchandise is always an ideal corporate gift.

Fore Birdie Par Eagle Coasters

$46.00 Item# 66179

This set of golf coasters features the putting green with red flag and four different golf score words on each coaster: Fore, Birdie, Par & Eagle! Whether your friends are good golfers and are accustomed to getting these scores or even if they more than often swing a bogie or worse, they'll love this set of marble coasters!

Golf Poster Coaster Set

$46.00 Item# 68480

Our Vintage illustrated golf coaster set is one of our unique golf gifts for her. Hand printed in the USA on tumbled Italian marble, these 4 x 4 marble coasters feature a corked back to prevent scratching of your wood surfaces.

Scotty's Golf Shop Coaster Set

$46.00 Item# 68041

Dog lovers will enjoy this set of golf coasters featuring the Scottish Terrier Breed running his own golf shop!

4 x 4 tumbled marble.

Set of Four Vintage Golf Coasters

$46.00 Item# 27483


Women's golf gifts are not as easy to find as those designed for gentlemen. But women have been part of the game from the very beginning. Celebrate women in golf with these drink coasters.

The Golf Greats Coaster Set

$46.00 Item# 61134

When your golfing buddies come over for dinner, which one of you will have Jack Jack Nicklaus hold his drink? There's a golf great for all four of you with this set of Italian marble drink coasters.

Vintage Golf II Coaster Set

$46.00 Item# 68479

Vintage illustrated golf coaster set featuring bright colors. For the patriotic golfer, rest assured these desk accessories are made in the United States of America.

Vintage Golf III Coaster Set

$46.00 Item# 68478

Dating back to 15th Century Scotland, the game of golf has a rich history and those who play the game are generally sophisticated people. For the sophisticated lady or gentleman, what type of gift should you give them on special occasion? Why an elegant golf gift of course, and these vintage coasters fit the bill!

For Office Gifts Consider A Golf Coaster

A Golf Coaster can be a gift for yourself or for anyone in your office. We offer several varieties of golf coasters and you can, in some cases, choose to purchase just one or a golf coaster set of four or six.

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