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Glass Egg Awards

Glass Egg Awards

Browse among a colorful assortment of our art sculpture awards and among these bright awards is an array of Egg Shaped Awards -- a popular choice in itself at Gifts for Professionals. When you are looking for an “egg-cellent” award that offers an attractive sculpture design at bargain prices, consider an “egg-chanting” way to award your star performers on a tight budget!
Spira Art Glass Award
Spira Art Glass Award
$53.05 Item# 59763
Serenity Egg Shaped Recognition Award with base
Egg Shaped Art Glass Award
Egg Shaped Art Glass Award
$59.95 Item# 57940
Irish Charm Egg Shaped Green Art Award
On Fire Achievement Art Glass Award
Art Glass Egg on Black Glass Base
Blue Oval Swirl Art Glass
Egg Shaped Swirl and Marble Base
Blue Tear Drop Swirl Art Glass
Cyclone Helix Art Series
Golden Opportunity Egg Shaped Award on Crystal Base
Egg Shaped Gold Bottom Award - 6.5" H
Kaleidoscopic Diversity Award
Blue Horizon

The Egg Award Series from Gifts for Professionals

Gifts for Professionals can’t resist a colorful sculpture award and loves the bright shapes and sizes offered in glass designer awards. One of the most popular art sculpture glass awards has been the egg-shaped award. Once you take a look at the selection, you will love these “egg-ordinary” recognition gifts too! Most measure 7” or smaller and are affordable for when your organization needs an award that offers savings and style. The shape attracts attention while the colors reflect beautifully off the light and add that great touch of color so many traditional awards lack. Come on, be a good egg and check out an “egg-citing” assortment of Egg Shape Glass Awards ready for your next awards convocation!

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