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Glass Droplets

Glass Droplets

Decorate your next award ceremony with a little color and a heathy portion of captivatingly engaging Droplet Awards from Gifts for Professionals. Whether you simply adore the bright and attractive colors found in many droplet awards or are thrilled at the value found in these colorful pieces, Gifts for Professionals invites you to capture the fun, grab on to the enticing, consider a stylish droplet award and decorate those winners with excitement!
Droplet Glass Award - 10.5"
Blue Rain Drop Art Glass
Art Glass Employee Achievement Award
Blue Teardrop - 8"
Curved Drop Glass Recognition Award
Blue Teardrop - 12"
Yellow Teardrop - 12"
Yellow Teardrop - 8"
Blue Water Drop Award
Black Art Sculpture
Ebony Recogntion Award
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More About Glass Droplet Award Gifts

Sometimes an award’s allure is found in the unique shapes and colors the award offers. And when that deserving recipient steps up to accept the honor, the photo needs to show a happy winner and a stunning award! That’s why so many shoppers love our selection of Droplet Awards and Flame Awards each offering awards that seem to reach upward for a fetching award that attracts attention during the awards ceremony and for years to come as the award adorns the winner’s office or home. Droplet Awards offer a little extra design element although still being one of our many cost saving glass awards. And, a lucky twist means that these awards often have crystal bases added for that extra touch that is sure to be noticed. Browse through the many glass awards you need for your next award presentation but don’t forget to add a drop of color and a touch of class with the Gifts for Professionals array of Droplet Awards... each designed with you in mind!

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